Clippers need more from Lamar Odom

The Clippers could use more scoring from Odom even when their injured quartet returns, providing another offensive option off the bench besides Crawford and Barnes.

At this rate, they won't get it from a player whose shots and scoring have experienced only a slight uptick even since he worked himself into decent shape about a month ago. Odom is taking only 4.5 shots a game, continuing a steep drop-off for a player who averaged 10.9 shots two years ago with the Lakers and 7.0 during last season's Dallas debacle.

"It's really not in his nature to be a selfish basketball player," Barnes said. "He's one of those guys that can do everything to fill up the stat sheet."

Being a little light in the points column doesn't bother Odom, who averaged 14.4 points in his final season as a Laker.

"I won sixth man of the year, but my team got swept in the second round," Odom said, shrugging as if to indicate how little his award meant given the Lakers' playoff unraveling in 2011. "I think you have to know your place and understand protocol. If I was to get touches and shots the same way, there's no doubt in my mind [the scoring would be there], but that's not my role on this team.

"I'm always going to be one of the best basketball players out there. Because that's what I am: more than a scorer or a rebounder or a passer. I'm a complete basketball player."

Odom doesn't need to reinvent himself over the season's final few months. He can just go back to what has worked for so many years.

The Clippers' fortunes might depend on it.

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