Letters: How can one keep the sports world in perspective?

Letters: How can one keep the sports world in perspective?
Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and wife Shelly Sterling attend a game against the Indiana Pacers at Staples Center in 2013. (Andrew D. Bernstein / NBAE/Getty Images)

Tuesday's Times sports section was remarkable. The names Chris Paul and Jonathan Quick actually appeared more often than V. Stiviano.

Charles Sergis


Redondo Beach


So Shelly Sterling feels "entitled" to keep the Clippers in her family? I guess it's not just the 20-somethings who share those thoughts.

Bill Hokans

Santa Ana


The one thing the Sterling family seems to consistently understand is the power of the almighty dollar. Let's hope they are not all so delusional to think that they can fight the league and be left with anything but the clothes on their backs. They should just cash out, buy an island and get lost.

Jonathan Palmer

Los Angeles


Any sympathy and respect that I had for Rochelle Sterling is gone. The Clippers are her plaything, like her husband's, to lavish tickets and prestige to her friends. Maybe she should have thought deeper about it before suing Donald's friend. By doing so, she opened a can of worms that won't go away.

Just when I thought this scandal was over, it has returned again. This is a sad and embarrassing story for L.A.

Paul L. Hovsepian

Sierra Madre



"They don't need this Sterling," says the headline on Bill Plaschke's story about the Clippers' problems with the Sterling family. I can tell you another thing the Clippers don't need at this time: Plaschke's almost daily ranting about their problems. Give it a rest and let the poor guys finish their season, hopefully a championship season.

Jack Buss



If the Clippers lose a playoff game in 2020, I'm sure Bill Plaschke will attribute it to the Donald Sterling fiasco.

Gary H. Miller



No matter how reprehensible, no matter how ugly or indefensible, if the Sterlings want to fight the removal of their ownership of the Clippers, they have a constitutional right to make such a case. And as an attorney, the NBA commissioner knows that fact. So Plaschke can lobby all he wishes, but in this nation, we have laws and a court system in place. That system may not always work, but at least all of us have the right to access it.

Rodney K. Boswell

Thousand Oaks


I wonder what Jim Healy would have to say about Tommy Lasorda's quotes about the Donald Sterling situation.

Sol Bialeck

Van Nuys


Please, NBA. Do not allow the Magic Johnson/Guggenheim Partners to buy the Clippers. They will create a Clippers' TV channel, plot a greedy scheme with Time Warner, and extort us again.

Al Delay



OK, I get it. Doc Rivers is a really good guy. He went to college, got his degree, turned into a decent NBA player, a fine NBA coach and has his priorities straight. He's done a masterful job of steering his players away from the Donald Sterling fiasco. And I'm sure Clippers fans adore him.

But c'mon, Bill Dwyre, do you really think you can get the Lakers' faithful to so quickly embrace this former Celtic as a hero in our town?

Marty Zweben

Palos Verdes Estates


If talking head Jeff Van Gundy is such a hot commodity, as his self-promoting media comrades try to convince everyone, why is it that all 30 NBA franchises have not hired him since his last firing in 2006?

Mario Palladini


Hey, basketball!

What could possibly be wrong with the greatest NBA playoffs ever? The playoff format itself. It's not fair when seven of the NBA's eight best teams play in the West. When you're finished attending to your other business, Mr. Silver, do you think you could try revamping this?

Ron Ovadia



Kevin Durant is a true MVP, on and off the court, which his acceptance speech showed. As he mentioned, basketball is a platform that he hopes to use to inspire people. Well, consider me inspired by his humble approach to life.

Chris Gagliano

Rancho Palos Verdes

Pucks and Ducks

Saturday and Monday night at Honda Center, Ducks fans could be heard chanting, "Beat L.A.! Beat L.A.!"

Are they referring to their series opponent or the baseball team that plays across the street and, according to its team name, is also from "L.A."?

Erik Schuman

Fountain Valley


Is anyone at NBC Sports evaluating the broadcasters for the Kings-Ducks Freeway series? Their "man between the glass" is Brian Hayward — the Ducks' color commentator! The call of the game was so biased toward the Ducks that anyone watching outside of Los Angeles probably thought they were watching the local television feed for the Ducks. If this is the caliber of the NBC broadcasts for the rest of the series, then please let Bob Miller and Jim Fox televise the games on a local L.A. station. Let's level the playing field.

Barbara Lee

Playa Vista

Fast learner

Dee Gordon is really incredible this year. Maury Wills really taught him well the art of stealing, and what a great transition to learn a new position so well. Soon the fans might chant "Go! Go! Go!" when Dee is on base, as they did with Maury in the '60s.

Nate Gleiberman

Sherman Oaks

Bad either way

You just can't win. If you try to attend Dodgers games, you're going to run into gridlock. If you want to watch the games on TV, you're going to experience greed-lock.

Frank Casillas

Mar Vista

Name game

I guess this is another one of those fake birth certificate deals, and Hector Santiago was formerly known as Joe Blanton.

Marty Foster

San Francisco


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