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The Times' MLB power rankings

Zach Helfand ranks the 30 Major League Baseball teams.

Last week's ranking in parentheses, statistics are through Friday's games:

1. ST. LOUIS: Best record but the best fans in baseball? Judging by All-Star voting, same state, but look west. (1)

2. DODGERS: A Clayton Kershaw advisory is in effect for the National League West. (5)

3. KANSAS CITY: Had them ranked ninth, but then the Royals fans stuffed the ballot box. (6)

4. PITTSBURGH: A.J. Burnett says this will be his last season. Right now, it's also his best. (4)

5. CHICAGO CUBS: Need an ace but it hasn't been Jon Lester. He's 4-5 with a 4.25 earned-run average. (10)

6. NEW YORK YANKEES: Mason Williams' first major league hit was a home run. (12)

7. HOUSTON: How will the Astros react to their first snag of the season, a seven-game losing streak? (3)

8. MINNESOTA: Torii Hunter just made Twins games NSFW. (2)

9. SAN FRANCISCO: Chris Heston went from a 47th-round selection in the draft to a no-hitter. Not bad. (9)

10. NEW YORK METS: Get no-hit, then take over first place two games later. The 2015 Mets, everybody. (8)

11. TAMPA BAY: Paula Abdul threw out the first pitch at the Rays game — from four feet away. (14)

12. TORONTO: After nine straight wins, the Blue Jays owned the second best run differential in the majors. (21)

13. TEXAS: Raise your hand if you had the Astros and the Rangers at Nos. 1 and 2 in the division in June. (11)

14. WASHINGTON: The Nationals have had three three-game losing streaks since May 30. (7)

15. ANGELS: Hey, at least the losing streak ended at five games. (13)

16. BALTIMORE: And, hey, look at the Orioles. Lost five games in a row, then won five in a row. (20)

17. SAN DIEGO: Nothing's going right for Matt Kemp. He got hit by a pitch, then tackled by an umpire. (15)

18. DETROIT: The Tigers' best pitcher after David Price is Alfredo Simon. That's a problem. (18)

19. CINCINNATI: Somewhat quietly, Todd Frazier has been the best third baseman in the majors this season. (26)

20. CHICAGO WHITE SOX: In his last four starts, Chris Sale has given up four runs and struck out 49 batters. (24)

21. ATLANTA: Juan Uribe is in a better place now. He has started in all but two games with the Braves. (16)

22. CLEVELAND: Can Matthew Dellavedova play baseball? The Indians can use some defensive help. (17)

23. ARIZONA: Paul Goldschmidt is second in the NL in home runs, runs, average, RBIs and wins above replacement. (19)

24. COLORADO: The Rockies actually have a winning record in games outside the division. (23)

26. SEATTLE: The American League West is essentially the inverse of the prevailing preseason predictions. (27)

25. MIAMI: Giancarlo Stanton has 22 home runs. The rest of the team combined has 29. (25)

27. BOSTON: The worst defensive player in the league by runs given up? That's Hanley Ramirez. (28)

28. OAKLAND: The Athletics are still outscoring opponents. But they still have the worst record in the AL. (22)

29. MILWAUKEE: Congrats, Brewers. You no longer have the league's worst record. (29)

30. PHILADELPHIA: The Phillies overtake Milwaukee for the worst record in the NL. (30)

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