Rams fans can weigh in on redesign of the stripe on the team's pants

Jared Goff’s passes, Todd Gurley’s lack of running room and new Coach Sean McVay’s prospects are among topics Rams fans discuss at the water cooler and on social media.

But, arguably, no topic spurs more conversation than uniforms.

The Rams will not undergo a major rebrand until the 2019 season, when they are scheduled to move into their new Inglewood stadium. But the team announced Tuesday that it will be “evolving” its uniforms for the upcoming season.

No longer will there be gold on the white pants worn for home games at the Coliseum.

And the Rams have put it to fans: Should they have one blue stripe on their white pants? Or two?

Fans can vote at Facebook.com/Rams and Twitter.com/RamsNFL


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