Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th hit ball will cost New York Yankees $150,000

Alex Rodriguez will finally recoup the baseball from his 3,000th hit on Friday, but it will cost the New York Yankees a $150,000 donation to charity.

Rodriguez belted a home run over the right-field fence on June 19 to become the 29th player in baseball to reach 3,000 hits. When the Yankees went to go collect the milestone ball, the fan who caught it, Zack Hample, turned them down.

New York had offered memorabilia in exchange for the ball, but Hample, who has written a book about how to catch baseballs at MLB games, turned them down until a deal was reached in the second week of negotiations.

Hample reportedly told TMZ he'd received threats from people because he hadn't turned the ball over.

"I try to disregard it, but when some people make personal threats and say things, it's scary," he  said.

The Yankees, who have the second-largest payroll in baseball of more than $214 million, will donate $150,000 to Pitch In for Baseball, a charity that provides new and lightly used equipment to kids around the world who want to play baseball or softball but can't afford the gear.

Hample isn't coming away empty-handed. He's set to receive tickets and memorabilia as part of the deal.

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