Blake Griffin thinks Doc Rivers handled the no-practice situation well

Blake Griffin says that Coach Doc Rivers handled the no-practice situation well in December

Clippers All-Star power forward Blake Griffin said he doesn't like sitting out games.

However, it's an option he had to consider during a recent stretch during which the team played at least every other day from Dec. 5 through New Year's Eve. 

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers consulted the players about whether he should cancel practices or limit their minutes for games during that time frame. Most of the players, including Griffin, opted to skip practices.

"I don't really like sitting out unless you're hurt, especially for me," Griffin said. "This is my fifth year. There are other guys that have a lot more years, a lot more mileage on them, so I didn't want to sit out."

It was an especially demanding stretch for Griffin and center DeAndre Jordan, who logged extra minutes because backup center/forward Spencer Hawes missed nine games with a bone bruise in his left knee.

Griffin, who is averaging 22.6 points, 7.8 rebounds and five assists a game, said he hasn't earned the right to rest during games -- unlike, he says, veteran stars like Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, who have been in the league 19 and 18 seasons, respectively.

"I have nothing against it for those guys," Griffin said. "I'm just saying for me personally. Those guys have pretty much earned it with how many miles they've played, the Tim Duncans and Kobes and things like that. I think it's smart, but for me personally, I wasn't about it."

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