Watch heartwarming Budweiser Super Bowl ad featuring horse and puppy


There is nothing that tugs at your heartstrings more than a beautiful horse. Except, of course, a cute little puppy. Budweiser is using both in its new Super Bowl ad.

In the ad, perhaps the cutest puppy in the world becomes friends with a Clydesdale who lives on a farm next to the puppy. The puppy, however, is about to be adopted and taken far away. The Clydesdale and his friends aren't about to let that happen to the puppy.

See how I used the word puppy multiple times? Didn't it make you smile each time? No? You like cats? How unfortunate.

Anyway, the ad, which you can watch above, is sure to be a big hit at Super Bowl parties. And no, I'm not crying, I have something in my eye.


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