Chris Paul excited for Clippers' new backcourt running mates

Chris Paul excited for Clippers' new backcourt running mates
Chris Paul is looking forward to playing with J.J. Redick. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

The Clippers' newest backcourt tandem sat next to each other Wednesday afternoon and talked about how well they complement each other, how excited they are to be on the same team.

Their relationship hasn't always been so affectionate.


“In college, you would never have seen us sit next to each other,” re-signed point guard Chris Paul said of his new running mate, shooting guard J.J. Redick.

The two were conference rivals in college; Redick played for Duke from 2002-06 and Paul was at Wake Forest from 2003-05. As star players of competing schools in the same state, Paul and Redick weren’t exactly best friends.

"We did not get along at all," Paul said. "And that is an understatement."

The testiness even carried over into the NBA; in a game against Orlando in January, Paul suffered a knee injury when he and Redick banged knees and ended up missing games.

But when Paul heard that Redick was going to be a Clipper, he said he was "overjoyed."

"I told my wife right away," Paul said. "I could not have been more excited."

The incumbent point guard's ability to penetrate and pass should generate plenty of open looks for Redick, who said he isn't exactly used to such things. On the court at least, the combination seems to have the potential for a beautiful friendship.

"He's one of the few point guards in the league where you say, 'I want to play with that guy,'" Redick said.

Also looking to benefit from Paul’s point guard play is Jared Dudley – another ACC alum, he played for Boston College from 2003-07 – who is slated to start at small forward. Dudley called playing with Paul “a dream come true.”

"Oh, man," he said, thinking about what opportunities are likely to come his way. "Just wide open looks."


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