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Clippers' Blake Griffin not happy with NBA's late decision

It wasn’t until late Thursday night that Blake Griffin responded to the NBA’s decision from earlier in the day in which the league stated that the Clippers forward shouldn’t have been ejected from Wednesday night's game against the Golden State Warriors.

Griffin, who doesn’t talk to the media before games, said the NBA's ruling made little difference because it couldn't change the fact that he was in the locker room and unable to help the Clippers down the stretch in a 105-103 loss to the Warriors.

With 10:43 left in a tied game at 78-78 , Griffin and Golden State’s Andrew Bogut got mixed up in a wresting, pushing and shoving match and had to be separated.

Bogut was called for a flagrant foul one and a technical foul. Griffin was given a technical foul, which was his second of the game and meant he was automatically ejected.

The NBA said Griffin should had just been given a common foul and not a technical foul.

“At the end of the day, it’s about the wins and losses,” Griffin said inside a quiet Clippers locker room Thursday night after an overtime loss to Portland.

“And we got a loss in our column [at Golden State] as a result of that. So it doesn’t really change anything for me.”


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