Court denies Todd McNair's motion to dismiss NCAA appeal

Court denies Todd McNair's motion to dismiss NCAA appeal in defamation lawsuit

A California appellate court denied Todd McNair's motion to dismiss the NCAA's appeal Tuesday in the former USC running backs coach's defamation lawsuit.

The ruling from the 2nd Court of Appeal didn't elaborate on the decision.

After the court ruled in February that the NCAA couldn't seal documents in the case, the organization publicly filed about 500 of 700 pages that had been conditionally sealed.

The missing 200 pages -- which include emails and deposition transcripts -- led McNair's attorneys to argue in a motion last month that the NCAA submitted an "inadequate and incomplete record" in the appeal.

The NCAA maintained that it didn't need to file all of the documents.

"The NCAA should not be required to disclose confidential information beyond what is necessary for this court’s effective review," the organization's motion said.

McNair sued the NCAA in June 2011 after being sanctioned along with USC in the aftermath of the Reggie Bush extra benefits scandal.

The NCAA's opening brief is due May 4 in its appeal of a Los Angeles Superior Court ruling from 2012 denying the organization's attempt to strike McNair’s complaint and dismiss the case.

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