Johnny Manziel has a not-so-warm memory of Tiger Woods

Johnny Manziel claims Tiger Woods refused to give him an autograph back when Johnny Football was a kid

Johnny Manziel was only 9 or 10 years old -- not a big-time football player yet -- when he tried to get an autograph from Tiger Woods.

The famous golfer snubbed him.

Manziel recounted his story in, saying he was a huge fan as a kid and went to watch Woods practice at a Florida course.

"We saw Tiger on the 16th hole and asked for his autograph, and he said to catch him right after the round," Manziel was quoted as saying. "I was sitting about 100 yards from the 18th green, and he drove by in a cart and was pulling his hat really, really low. I remember him saying 'No autographs today.'"

The incident left an impression on Manziel as he became a Heisman Trophy winner at Texas A&M and quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

"That kid can always be out there," he said. "And I don't want to be the guy who disappoints him, even though sometimes it might be out of my control."

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