Kings fans bring their own trophies to Stanley Cup parade

Some were too 'sick' for work, but a little fresh air at the parade for the L.A. Kings did them well

Sports fans can be a superstitious bunch and there was no lack of talismans or good luck charms at the Kings celebration parade in downtown Los Angeles on Monday.

Shawn Lewy, 25, of Bakersfield, who woke up at 5 a.m. today to drive to the parade, was still sporting a playoffs beard as he waited for the parade to begin along Figueroa Street.

"He's a pacer," said his mother, Susanna Lewy, who accompanied him to the parade. "He's very superstitious. We can't walk on certain sides of the room during games and he hasn't shaved since Game 4 of the San Jose series."

Other fans like Frank De La O, 42, of East L.A. made his own talismans to celebrate the championship.

As he walked along Figueroa he carried an imitation Stanley Cup his girlfriend made out of a flower pot, Styrofoam and aluminum.

"Made it for five dollars at the Dollar Tree," he said.

De La O called in sick to work -- with Kings fever, he said -- to watch the parade.

"It's not every year they're going to win, he said as spectators took pictures with his makeshift trophy.

Katherine Simpson, 49, of Garden Grove brought along her stuffed lion, Subie, who was decked out in a Kings jersey signed by players including star goalkeeper Jonathan Quick.

The lion was a promotional item that came with her aunt's Subaru vehicle in the '70s. When she inherited the car she also inherited the lion and eventually gave it a jersey when a friend's son outgrew the shirt.

"I figure he's Bailey's lost cousin,"she said, referring to the King's lion mascot.

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