Kings reaching coast-to-coast, Jeremy Roenick says

Want proof the #Kings' fan base is coast-to-coast? Jeremy Roenick says his son is a Kings fan

The Kings have gone national.

For proof, all you have to do is ask Jeremy Roenick, a hockey analyst for NBC Sports.

“My son’s favorite team is the LA. Kings,” Roenick said. “He goes to school in Connecticut and was born in Boston. Of all the teams I’ve played for, the Kings are his favorite. He’s a huge fan.”

Roenick spent 20 seasons in the NHL, including one with the Kings in 2005-06. He played eight seasons in Chicago, where hockey is embedded in the culture.

He found the Kings’ fan base, while smaller, equally as knowledgeable.

“They really knew the game,” Roenick said. “That was impressive.”

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