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LeBron James reuniting with Dwyane Wade? Cavaliers star says no

LeBron James says he has no plans to leave Cleveland, despite what you might have heard on video

With LeBron James nursing a gimpy left knee and the Cleveland Cavaliers quickly falling off the pace of the NBA's Eastern Conference leaders during a three-game losing streak, The King had some explaining to do about a video that surfaced Wednesday and shows him talking to Dwyane Wade about possibly reuniting to do "some bigger and better things."

The Cavaliers have lost three in a row and four of their last five games to fall to 18-14 and fifth in the East. James has sat out losses to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday and Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, James and star point guard Kyrie Irving had to come to the defense of first-year Coach David Blatt, who was rumored to be losing control of the team.

Now James is dealing with the fallout of the video of him and Wade chatting after the Heat's 101-91 victory over the Cavaliers on Christmas Day in which LeBron tells his former teammate that "if things aren't better this year, we're going to reunite again and do some bigger and better things, all right?"

James told reporters that he couldn't recall exactly to what he referred in that conversation, but it probably had nothing to do with basketball since he had dinner with Wade on Tuesday and could have discussed such things in private.

"I've seen that video too," said the 11-year veteran. "I don't know exactly what I said, but I know it had nothing to do about basketball. I wouldn't say that on Christmas, in front of cameras. That had nothing to do with me leaving here.

"I didn't go to college, but I'm not stupid. If I would have said something, I would have said it [Tuesday] night to D-Wade. I'm here now and I'm here to build something in the future."

James also explained that there is nothing wrong with his knee that rest can't heal.

"I've got 41,000 minutes on me, including the playoffs," said James, who turned 30 on Tuesday. "You drive that car in the winter time."

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