LeBron James: No more pregame dunks for Miami Heat superstar?

LeBron James has been wowing crowds for years with pregame dunks.

But some of his critics apparently find it insulting he can so easily produce eye-popping jams but refuses to participate in the dunk contest during All-Star weekend.

Instead of agreeing to partake in the dunk contest, James suggested another solution.


"Maybe I should stop, because it's making a lot of people mad about what I do," James told reporters after Miami's double-overtime win Tuesday against Sacramento. "They're like, 'Well, if you can do it in warmups, why don't you [want to] be in the dunk contest?' Stop it.' "

Is James being unreasonable for refusing to bring his talents to the dunk contest or are critics being silly, choosing to harp about one event instead of relishing the fact that James puts on a show before each game, reaching a much bigger audience than he could in just an annual event?

As you ponder that, check out the video above.

James pregame dunk Tuesday already has more than 50,000 views on YouTube as of Wednesday morning. James threw the ball into the key, chased it down, swooped it through his legs, then dunked with his right hand.

Imagine what he could do with a Kia Optima.

Oh, and he went on to score a season-high 40 points and had a career-high 16 assists in the Heat's 12th straight win.