Russia to investigate claims of systematic doping

Russia's anti-doping agency is investigating claims of cheating among its athletes, coaches and officials

Russia's anti-doping agency announced Friday that it is launching an internal investigation following media reports of systematic cheating among athletes, coaches and officials in its country.

"After completion of the investigation, [the] official results will be published on RUSADA website," a statement said.

The allegations arose in separate reports by the German television station ARD and the French sports daily L'Equipe.

Olympic 800-meter champion Maria Savinova and three-time Chicago Marathon winner Liliya Shobukhova were among the athletes scrutinized.

A former Russian runner told ARD that coaches had provided banned substances and that bribes had been paid so that positive test results would be overlooked. The report linked other sports -- including swimming, cycling, biathlon and weightlifting -- to alleged doping.

International track-and-field officials told the Associated Press that they had already launched their own investigation.

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