Chris Weitz

The newest 'Cinderellas:' -- finding an unexpected virtue

The newest 'Cinderellas:' -- finding an unexpected virtue

I thought I was over "Cinderella." I assumed the whole world was over "Cinderella" right along with me.

Not all of it, of course. We'll likely never outgrow the thrill of the radical makeover and the big reveal. We'll always line up for a fairy godmother, whatever her (or his) brand of magic: Oprah, Supernanny, Jillian Michaels, Gordon Ramsay.

But all the cultural assumptions and gender politics embedded in "Cinderella " -- especially the ascendant version, the 1950 animated Disney feature--we've rooted all of those out, deconstructed and subverted and revised them. Right?

There was the "Shrek" franchise, which frantically mashed...

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