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Penthouse battles over rights to 'Caligula' and Omni magazine

Penthouse battles over rights to 'Caligula' and Omni magazine

More than 30 years after it first shocked audiences with its graphic sex scenes and depictions of gruesome violence, “Caligula” is still causing trouble, only this time in court.

Penthouse, which produced the infamous Roman epic, has filed a new complaint in a Los Angeles federal court over the rights to the movie. The adult entertainment company is also fighting over the rights to Omni, the science magazine created by Penthouse’s late founder, Bob Guccione.

At the center of the suit is Jerrick Media, a New Jersey company that Penthouse is accusing of infringing on its copyrights and trademarks for both “Caligula” and Omni. The complaint even names actor Jared Leto, claiming...

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