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The Atlanta Braves plan to keep their name, their tomahawk emblem and their chopping fans despite protests from American Indian leaders, team President Stan Kasten said.

“No name change is being contemplated. No logo change is being contemplated,” he said. “We are the Braves. Our logo is the tomahawk. We will continue to promote the Braves and the tomahawk.”

Regarding the tomahawk chop and Indian chants popularized by Braves fans last season, Kasten said, “We don’t discourage any of that.”


“The chop salute doesn’t have anything more to do with Indian culture than the Wave,” he said.

Kasten also unveiled the Braves’ championship rings, featuring the engraved words “Tomahawk Chop,” at a media luncheon. “You can’t think about our season without the tomahawk chop,” he said.

Pressed for an example of how the team would respond to the Indians’ concerns, Kasten said the team would discard a “Scalp ‘em” billboard that has been used in the past.

“That did cross the line,” he said.

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