Just do what? Man arrested after $5 million worth of Nike gear found in warehouse

Nike shoes and clothing in a warehouse.
LAPD detectives, along with Nike officials and other investigators, searched a warehouse location in Hawthorne and found thousands of pairs of stolen Nike shoes along with clothes and accessories.

In most cases, Nike tells customers to “just do it.” However, when it comes to stealing the brand’s merchandise, the company might advise otherwise.

On Saturday, Los Angeles Police Department detectives, Nike officials and other investigators found “thousands of pairs of stolen Nike shoes, clothing, accessories, and unique prototypes” at a Hawthorne warehouse, according to an LAPD statement.

In total, the value of the merchandise was $5 million.

The discovery came after police executed search warrants in Hollywood and Hawthorne in connection with suspected retail crimes, the LAPD said. The warehouse was targeted, police say, after a suspect in the case was allegedly seen delivering stolen Nike products there.


Politicians and the press bought into the panic over organized shoplifting, but the source of the alarming statistic now admits that it was a lie.

Dec. 14, 2023

Police named Roy Lee Harvey Jr., 37, as the suspect, accusing him of “receiving, redistributing, and reselling a high dollar amount of stolen property.”

Harvey, of Memphis, Tenn., was booked shortly after midnight Sunday, and his bail was set at $0, according to police logs.

The Los Angeles Superior Court has adopted a policy eliminating money bail for those accused of nonviolent crimes.