Brad Pitt is living his best, pants-free life on the ‘Bullet Train’ press tour

A blond man in sunglasses and a pink shirt under a brown jacket among people.
Brad Pitt was all business up top at the “Bullet Train” premiere Tuesday. To see the party he had on below, keep scrolling.
(Markus Schreiber / Associated Press)

Brad Pitt is a man who has definitely not returned to the office in pre-pandemic clothes, if his “Bullet Train” trip through Europe is any indication. And we have the photos to prove it.

The actor kept it casual and colorful as he powered through Paris, Berlin and London in recent days with co-stars including Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry. Think more like his at-home style and the exact opposite of his previous go-to classics. Think unstructured suits, Henley-style shirts, pajama pants and a skirt.

Yep, Brad Pitt — like Kanye West, Gerard Butler and Diddy before him — let a little air into the room, so to speak, wearing a skirt as “Bullet Train” sped into Berlin during a brutal heat wave.


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Now let’s take in the whole lively jaunt through Europe, courtesy of Pitt’s clearly laid-back stylist.


If you’re going to Paris, it doesn’t hurt to have the Eiffel Tower in at least one snapshot. Pitt achieved that Saturday, showing up for a photo call in an unstructured jacket and matching drawstring pants. And was that rose-colored shirt just a tad French-tucked?

A man in a pink suit and rose shirt poses in sunglasses in front of the Eiffel Tower
Brad Pitt in Paris on Saturday.
(Christophe Ena / Associated Press)

Two days later, at the “Bullet Train” premiere at Le Grand Rex in Paris, Pitt karate-kicked his way through the red carpet in a charcoal suit over a blue T-shirt as he and the cast rocked out to “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. His looks have been all about the sneakers too.

A man at a premiere in a casual blue suit and tennies karate-kicks toward photographers
Brad Pitt plays around at the Paris premiere of “Bullet Train” as Joey King and Aaron Taylor-Johnson look on.
(Stephane Cardinale / Corbis via Getty Images)

Later, at the screening, Pitt explained how it felt to get the “Bullet Train” script.

“It was just in the middle of lockdown, you know that point where we were all getting a little crazy, a little cuckoo, a little dark, a little depressed,” he said, via ET. “And then came the script with great characters, funny as s—, and it just seemed like the perfect salve for this time.”

Totally sounds like a guy in the last leg of his career.


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Pitt was in Germany on Tuesday, checking in for a photo call in an outfit that echoed his Paris photo call vibe: a pink cardigan with green and yellow trim over a plain white shirt, with pants in the same color as that aforementioned French-tucked shirt.

The shoes? Slip-ons.

A man in a pink cardigan with hands in pockets of rose pants stands in front of a glass railing
Brad Pitt rocks a cool-dad look at a Berlin photo call.
(Picture Alliance / DPA via Getty Images)

But once premiere time rolled around, he traded the cool-dad outfit for a brown linen skirt, for one reason and one reason only: “Breeze. The breeze,” he told a reporter. In the middle of Europe’s incredible heat wave — it was 95 degrees in Berlin that day and 104.4 degrees at London’s Heathrow Airport — the actor needed some air flow.

He also bared his tattooed legs, wearing midcalf, black lace-up boots over dark socks.

Brad Pitt wears a skirt and boots on a red carpet
Brad Pitt wears a skirt and boots on the red carpet at the Berlin premiere of “Bullet Train” on Tuesday.
(Markus Schreiber / Associated Press)
Brad Pitt's legs are shown in heavy boots as he wears a skirt to the "Bullet Train" premiere
Brad Pitt’s legs are shown in heavy boots as he wears a skirt to the “Bullet Train” premiere in Berlin on Tuesday.
(Markus Schreiber / Associated Press)

Pitt’s rhino tat above is showing on his right leg, while a skull on his left leg is hidden from view.



Pitt went green in London on Wednesday, chumming around with co-stars Taylor-Johnson and Henry as he flashed a peek at the tattoos that grace his lower torso.

He also lost his mind a bit, jumping around like a massive starfish — as 58-year-olds so often do — and showing off the back of his flexible outfit’s contrasting stitching.

Three men stand together in front of a European skyline
Aaron Taylor-Johnson, left, Brad Pitt and Brian Tyree Henry in London.
(Scott Garfitt / Invision/Associated Press)
A rear view of a man in a green suit jumping in the air with arms and legs spread
Brad Pitt shows off the back of his outfit while jumping around in London.
(Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images)

For the premiere, though, Pitt slipped into an unstructured charcoal suit with a gray Henley underneath. Notice the turquoise and coral accents at the neck, because they probably cost a flippin’ fortune. Yep, if this were our life, we would grin with satisfaction too.

A man in sunglasses and an unstructured suit grins for photographers
Brad Pitt at the London “Bullet Train” premiere on Wednesday.
(Scott Garfitt / Invision / Associated Press)

Pitt isn’t the only hot A-lister sharing his fashion feelings on the carpet as of late, by the way. Apparently Ryan Gosling has been getting colorful too, recently wearing what might be literally the only jacket capable of pulling focus from his “The Gray Man” co-star and “Regency f—boy” Regé-Jean Page.

Seriously, Ryan, chill with that — more than one guy is allowed to look like he’s Photoshopped.