It’s a boy? Keke Palmer may have accidentally revealed the news on ‘Tonight Show’

Keke Palmer referred to her oncoming child as her “baby boy” during her appearance on the “Tonight Show.”


It’s a boy!

At least, that’s how Keke Palmer described her in utero child to Jimmy Fallon during her appearance Wednesday on “The Tonight Show.”

As Fallon and Palmer — both Virgos — riffed on astrology, Fallon asked about the sign of her child.

“My baby is either going to be a Pisces or Aries — I’m not sure exactly,” she said.

“Let me know guys, Pisces are known to be very deep, they’re emotional creatures,” she said, “so I just want to make sure I’m not too blunt for my baby boy.”


‘People have been ... saying, “Keke’s having a baby,”’ said ‘Nope’ star Keke Palmer during her ‘SNL’ monologue. ‘And I wanna set the record straight: I am.’

Dec. 4, 2022

The seemingly unintentional reveal went over the heads of Fallon and the audience, who didn’t react to the admission as Palmer continued to crack a joke about needing to “keep it chill” for her possibly Pisces child.

Her reference to the baby’s sign also places the expected birth date sometime in late March, as Pisces season ends on March 20, ushering in Aries season.

The “Nope” actress surprised fans by revealing her pregnancy as she hosted “Saturday Night Live” in December. During the episode’s opening monologue, she said she wanted to “set the record straight” about rumors of her having a baby.

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Dec. 6, 2022

“I am,” she concluded, while dramatically ripping open her brown trench coat to reveal her bare baby bump to the crowd.

Palmer and Fallon laughed about the moment on Wednesday, with Palmer poking fun at herself, saying that she “sounds like a villain” in the clip.

“I don’t know why I said it like this, but I was just so excited,” she said.

The one-time child actor has held forth in movies, TV, Broadway, music, books, podcasts and the Internet (as an unwitting viral star) — and she hopes there’s more to come.

Dec. 12, 2022

Earlier this month, Palmer tweeted about gender reveals and criticized men who express disappointment in having a girl.


“Like they aren’t the reason for that genetic outcome lmao,” she wrote, calling baby girls “a blessing.”

During a 2019 interview with Pride Source, Palmer shared her thoughts on gender fluidity, commenting, “I have elements of high masculinity just as much as I have elements of high femininity.”

“And who the hell are they?” is just one of Keke Palmer’s greatest hits so far from the press tour for “Nope,” Jordan Peele’s new film.

July 20, 2022

Palmer, who came out as sexually fluid in 2015, was discussing playing a lesbian character in the 2018 film “Pimp.”

“I don’t think masculinity defines your sexuality,” she said. “I think that’s you as a person.”