Joy Behar leaves 'The View,' tells Barbara Walters, 'I love you'

That's a wrap for Joy Behar, who left ABC's daytime gabfest "The View" on Friday after 16 years.

The hourlong farewell included celebrity appearances -- Regis Philbin, Meredith Vieira, Joan Rivers, Alan Alda and others -- as well as a tribute from cohost Barbara Walters, who discovered Behar doing standup at a birthday tribute for Milton Berle.

"I have to thank the most important people: My hair and makeup people," Behar joked.


"I'll be sexting every one of you in the fall," she told the show's crew.

Behar, who said she doesn't like sentimentality, nevertheless reciprocated after Walters tearfully said she loved her.

"The View" is in a period of transition, with Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck both leaving and Walters soon retiring. The hiring of Jenny McCarthy as a cohost earlier this summer provoked backlash due to her controversial views that vaccinations can cause autism.

What do you think of Behar's exit?


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