A different kind of buzz: Get drunk on coffee grounds


I’ve long believed that finding different materials to make alcohol from is a valid use of resources. Apparently, a group of researchers who recently found a way to make alcohol out of used coffee grounds agrees.

In researching new materials with which to make alcohol, scientists figured out a way to turn what’s left of your morning brew into a boozy party later in the day, reported

The scientists dried material supplied from a Portuguese coffee roasting company, then heated it in water for 45 minutes. They then took out the liquid and added sugar, mixed in yeast and let it ferment. The result was a beverage with 40% ethanol, or 80 proof.


Apparently the coffee ground liquor kind of tastes like coffee. The researchers used eight testers, who described the drink as bitter and pungent. They also said it smelled like coffee.

It tastes and smells like the real thing, and will give you a buzz, but not the kind you may be looking for with your normal morning cup. The drink loses most of its caffeine while brewing.


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