Clippers guard Austin Rivers to play in Game 5 against Utah

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After a good workout Sunday before Game 4 in Salt Lake City and another extensive workout Monday at the Clippers’ practice facility Monday afternoon, Austin Rivers will play in Game 5 of the first-round series against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center on Tuesday night.

Rivers missed the first four games of the best-of-seven series with a strained left hamstring injury. He also missed the last six regular-season games after he was injured against the Washington Wizards on March 29.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers said Austin Rivers’ playing time will be limited to about 20-25 minutes. The series between the Clippers and Jazz is tied at 2-2.


“Yeah, I think he’s going to play. At least that’s what we think right now,” Doc Rivers said. “The problem is they’re going to put a severe minutes’ restriction [on Austin]. At least we have another body. I don’t look at him returning being what he was right before he left. If he’s that, I’ll be shocked. At least we have another warm body and that’s nice.”

Austin Rivers has been out for about a month, meaning that his timing could be off some and his conditioning could be an issue.

During the regular season, Rivers averaged 12.0 points per game on 44.2% shooting, 37.1% on three-pointers.

In four regular-season games against the Jazz, Rivers averaged 15.0 points on 56.8% shooting, 50% on three-pointers.

He didn’t report any pain in the hamstring after playing some two-on-two Sunday and being pushed in other drills.

Still, Doc Rivers said he doesn’t know “what to expect” from Austin because of the length of time the reserve guard has been out.


“I would say if he gave us a couple of good minutes, I’m good with that,” Doc Rivers said. “The key for him is not to try to come and get back…His dribble penetration has been huge for us this year and I don’t even know if he can do that. But not trying to do too much of it, it’s tough with your ball handling when you come back. So we’ll see. At least we have him back. That’s the way I look at it.”

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