Dodgers are cashing in: Named MLB 'Club Retailer of the Year'

And among other things, you buy lots of Dodgers’ stuff. Lots and lots of Dodgers’ stuff.

So much stuff, that the Dodgers were named the "Club Retailer of the Year" by Major League Baseball Properties. I’d never heard of it either.

But you thought Clayton Kershaw was the only one taking home some off-season hardware?

This particular award has been around since 2005 and is reportedly based on a combination of sales, vendor/customer feedback, creative marketing and merchandising efforts.

Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt when your club wins.

According to the club’s official news release, the Dodgers opened the 2013 season with the highest per cap (average amount sold per fan) in the league and a 50% increase in overall sales. Which might also speak to how low things had fallen during the McCourts’ last years of team ownership.

Still, the Dodgers claim their increase in sales was because of the transformation of the ballpark retail experience, with additions such as mannequins featuring the starting line-up in each main store.

“The Los Angeles Dodgers merchandising and retail department has the support of an incredible front office and loyal fan base, but that does not stop them from working tirelessly to make the retail experience seamless for the fan through creative and innovative development,” said Howard Smith, senior vice president of licensing for MLB in a statement.

The retailer award doesn’t just go out to the big-market clubs. The previous winners were the Seattle Mariners in 2005, New York Mets in 2006, Philadelphia Phillies in 2007, Milwaukee Brewers in 2008, Cincinnati Reds in 2010, Detroit Tigers in 2011 and the New York Yankees in 2012.


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