NFL in L.A. live updates: Kroenke gets emotional talking about return to L.A.

4:42 P.M.

John Robinson among those cheering Rams’ return

 (Bernstein Associates / Getty Images)
(Bernstein Associates / Getty Images)

When the Rams left Southern California for St. Louis after the 1994 NFL season, John Robinson thought the franchise was gone forever.

The former Rams and USC coach never anticipated the team would return to Los Angeles and possibly play in the Coliseum.

“Hell no,” he said, laughing.

The NFL this week approved the Rams’ relocation to the Southland for the 2016 season. The team is expected to play three seasons at the Coliseum before moving into a new stadium in Inglewood before the 2019 season.

Robinson, 80, said he was “excited about the Rams coming back” and joked that he was prepared for their arrival.

“I saved all my Rams gear,” he said. “I went and got it out again.”

Robinson was USC’s coach for seven seasons before he succeeded Ray Malavasi as the Rams’ coach in 1983. He compiled a 79-74 record (including the playoffs) and led the Rams, who played home games at Anaheim Stadium, to two NFC title games.

“Most of it was good times,” he said.

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The Times’ take on Rams news conference

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That’s a wrap from the Forum

The press conference lasted about 40 minutes and the main point to come out of it was that tickets will be available online on Monday.

The fans gave owner Stan Kroenke a lot of love, but they made it pretty clear that they don’t want to share their new stadium as any mention of a potential Raider or Chargers relocation were met with loud boos.

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Rams fans don’t want to share

1:50 P.M.

The first thing we’re going to do is win....I see Dickerson jerseys, hopefully they’re Gurley jerseys next season.

Ken Demoff, Rams VP

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Some ticket news

1:42 P.M.

Sure it’s emotional. I have home here and I love the area. It’s a lot to take in and we haven’t been able to enjoy the fun stuff.

Kroenke on coming back to Los Angeles

1:39 P.M.

Well, that didn’t go over well

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The cake is a thing for Dickerson

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More cake news!

1:28 P.M.

We are going to bring a Final Four here, they’ve already talked to me

Kroenke on other events outside of football

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1:25 P.M.

This is all about football, really. The history of the Los Angeles Rams. Our coach is a Southern California boy and he is glad to be back.

Stan Kroenke

1:24 P.M.

You can do things here as a developer that are exciting

Stan Kroenke on his new stadium

1:23 P.M.

Stan the man

1:20 P.M.

It’s on when the mascot gets in the act

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Former Rams in the house