Morning Briefing: It’s enough to drive an NBA fan batty

This is not the bat that was on the court.
(Mark Elias / Associated Press )

You expect a lot of things when you attend an NBA game. Great displays of athleticism. Loud music. High prices for food and drinks. The chance to see Jack Nicholson (Staples Center only). But one thing you don’t expect when you go: Rabies.

The Clippers were playing the Pacers in Indiana last week when a bat flew around the court and interrupted play. The bat evaded capture and hasn’t been seen since, which poses a problem.

The Indiana State Department of Health says anyone who might have touched the bat should contact the department; because the bat hasn’t been found, its rabies status is unknown.

Health officials say a person is considered potentially exposed to rabies only if direct contact occurs between a bat and the person’s bare skin. There have been no reports of anyone having direct contact with the bat.


Which brings up another question: Why would anyone be touching the bat? This isn’t a comic book. If you touch a bat, you don’t become Batman. Don’t touch the bat, everyone.

Mr. Subliminal

A lot of people seem to think that Kevin Durant will sign with the New York Knicks next season. And the Knicks aren’t doing anything to discourage that speculation.

The Knicks sent out season-ticket renewal notices to their fans over the weekend, and the season ticket website fans were asked to log into featured a shot of a Knicks player….. being guarded by Durant.


So, the Knicks have not mastered the art of subtlety yet.

So many people saw it and started sharing it, wondering if the Knicks were trying to drum up more season-ticket sales, that the Knicks took the image down about an hour after it was first shared.

Now that’s dedication


Florida State’s men’s basketball team upset Louisville in overtime at home on Saturday, causing fans to rush the court.

Everyone was doing the tomahawk chop when one fan had an apparent heart attack and collapsed. We’ll let Ira Schoffel of take it from there:

“Amazing scene after the game. An FSU fan fell out on the court with an apparent heart attack. First responders doing chest compressions, the whole nine [yards]. He eventually comes to. Fans watching let out a cheer. He does the chop before getting on stretcher and in ambulance. Incredible.”

The son of the man, who remains unidentified, later sent out an update saying: “Just want to thank everyone for their well wishes. I have been overwhelmed by all the support of our great Nole Nation. My dad is still at the hospital and doing great. Many thanks to the first responders at the Tucker Center and to the basketball team physicians who came back to the court to help my dad.”


Best sports movie

Our quest to have readers pick the best sports movie of all time continues with hockey. Vote for the three best hockey movies of all time. Vote by typing in this URL:, or by emailing me at

The nominees for best hockey movie:

“D2: The Mighty Ducks” (1994), starring Emilio Estevez; “D3: The Mighty Ducks” (1996), starring Emilio Estevez; “Goon” (2011), starring Seann William Scott; “Idol of the Crowds” (1937), starring John Wayne; “The Last Gladiators” (2013), documentary; “Les Boys” (1997), starring Marc Messier; “The Love Guru” (2008), starring Mike Myers; “The Mighty Ducks” (1992), starring Emilio Estevez; “Miracle” (2004), starring Kurt Russell; “MVP: Most Valuable Primate” (2000), starring Russell Ferrier; “Mystery, Alaska” (1999), starring Russell Crowe; “Pond Hockey” (2008), documentary; “Red Army” (2015), documentary; “Slap Shot” (1977), starring Paul Newman; “Slap Shot 2” (2002), starring Stephen Baldwin; “Sudden Death” (1995), starring Jean-Claude Van Damme; “Tooth Fairy” (2010), starring Dwayne Johnson; “Youngblood” (1986), starring Rob Lowe