Clippers take off for another long trip

The Clippers are embarking on another long trip, which includes five games over eight days.

This trip could have a bearing on what position the Clippers finish in the Western Conference playoff picture.


They will start with a game in New Orleans against the Pelicans on Wednesday night.

The Pelicans have won their last three straight games, all against Eastern Conference playoffs teams -- Atlanta, two-time defending NBA champion Miami and Brooklyn.

The Clippers next will play at Dallas on Thursday night in a back-to-back game.

The Mavericks are fighting for a playoff spot in the ultra-tough Western Conference. Though tied with the Phoenix Suns at 42-29, the Mavericks are in the ninth spot and currently out of the playoffs.

The Clippers then go to Houston on Saturday to play a Rockets team they have defeated the first three times this season.

The Rockets are the fourth-seeded team in the West, 1 1/2-games behind the third-seeded

The Clippers next play at Minnesota on Monday night. The Timberwolves are out of the playoff picture.

The Clippers finish at Phoenix on April 2.