Watch bat-wielding player charge the mound, take swings at pitcher


A pitcher in the Cuba National Series hit two batters in the head during a game Monday night.

He came very close to having the same thing happen to him, only with a bat, during the ensuing chaos.

Villa Clara pitcher Freddy Alvarez gave up a home run to lead off the seventh inning, then proceeded to hit two of the next three batters in the head with fastballs.


That was too much for Mantazas’ Demis Valdes, who wasn’t even in the game, to take. He charged the mound from the dugout, bat in hand.

Alvarez, a 24-year-old pitcher for the Cuban national team who seems to be a pretty tough guy, was ready. The pitcher threw his glove right at the angry player, who swung at Alvarez’s head twice (and luckily missed both times).

[Updated at 12:35 p.m.: The Associated Press is reporting that Villa Clara captain and first baseman Ramon Lunar was hit in the face on the backswing of one of the shots Valdes took at Alvarez.

Lunar was not seriously injured but was hospitalized overnight for observation.]

Then, of course, the benches cleared and the game was delayed for more than 20 minutes. Alvarez was no longer on the mound when play resumed and no other incidents occurred.

Mantazas emerged with a 3-0 victory.