Mark Pavelich to sell his ‘Miracle on Ice’ gold medal


How much are miracles worth? Mark Pavelich is about to find out, as he is going to auction off his “Miracle on Ice” gold medal, beginning next week through Heritage Auctions.

“I’m doing a lot for my daughter here,” Pavelich told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday. “I want her to get a step forward in life. That’s probably the biggest reason.”

But the gold medal? That seems like it would be hard to part with.

“You’re limited to what you can do with these things,” Pavelich said. “You keep it in a vault in the bank somewhere and you take it out once in a while and you look at it and you put it back in. You can’t put them in a house because it could burn or get stolen and it’s just gone and useless. It’s just an impractical thing.”


Pavelich, who was a forward for the U.S. team in 1980 and went on to play in the NHL from 1981-1992, could get a good nest egg for his daughter, if past “Miracle on Ice”-related auctions are any indication:

---In 2010, Mark Wells auctioned his gold medal for $310,700.

---In 2012, Ken Morrow sold his jersey from the U.S. game against the Soviet Union for $104,000.


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