UFC 190 results: Ronda Rousey beats Bethe Correia; ‘Shogun’ Rua gets past Nogueira

Ronda Rousey defeated Bethe Correia in their bantamweight title fight Saturday at UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ronda Rousey defeated Bethe Correia in their bantamweight title fight Saturday at UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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UFC 190 took place Saturday night from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and was headlined by a UFC women’s bantamweight title fight between champion Ronda Rousey and challenger Bethe Correia. Rousey is one of the sport’s biggest stars and sought to settle a personal grudge against the massive underdog in Correia’s home country. The co-feature matched a pair of Brazilian legends in Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.


UFC Women’s Bantamweight Title: Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia


Rousey has become one of the biggest stars in the sport of MMA as well as one of the biggest female stars in female sports. She has dominated in MMA: 11 fights, 11 wins, 11 finishes, only 1 opponent lasting into the second round. Correia is undefeated as well but has done so in unimpressive fashion against weak opposition. The fight has been sold on more of a grudge component. Correia defeated two of Rousey’s friends and made a remark about Rousey committing suicide when Rousey’s father took his own life. This has led to a great deal of trash talk both ways and fierce staredowns leading up to the fight. An interesting subplot is that the fight is taking place in Correia’s native Brazil but many fans in Brazil have been cheering for Rousey instead.

Round 1. Rousey moves in and lands a couple punches. She lands a few uppercuts and rocks Correia by the cage. She knocks her out with a right hand.

Winner: Ronda Rousey, KO, round 1.

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Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

Nogueira and Rua are two of the all time best 205 pound fighters. They fought previously in 2005, with Rua picking up the win. Both are on the downside of their careers but remain dangerous. Nogueira has won 2 of 3, with wins over Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans. Rua has lost 4 of 5.

Round 1. Rua comes out with kicks early, including a nice kick to the body. Nogueira connects with an uppercut. They clinch. Neither is able to get a favorable position and they back off. Rua comes in with some of his trademark looping punches but Nogueira answers back and Rua cautiously backs off. Rua lands a kick to the body. Nogueira dazes Rua with a punch and swarms on him. He looks to finish by the cage and Rua responds by firing back. Rua has trouble with his balance. Rua backs off Nogueira with a knee but Nogueira comes back in. Rua is able to survive. That was a wild conclusion to the round. 10-9 Nogueira.

Round 2. Rua gets a takedown right off the bat. Rua looks to pass Nogueira’s guard while landing the occasional punch or elbow. As Rua is about to get into side control, Nogueira just transitions right back to his feet. Rua lands a hard body kick back there. Rua presses Nogueira up against the cage. They eventually separate and Rua lands another of those hard body kicks. 10-9 Rua.

Round 3. Rua immediately throws another of those hard body kicks. Nogueira lands a straight left hand. Nogueira goes for a knee and Rua tries to take him down in the process. He can’t get it. They exchange punches, with each landing solid blows on the other. Rua goes for a takedown again but Nogueira defends it. Rua lands another of those nice body kicks. Those have been his best tool in the fight. Rua goes for another takedown with a minute left. The crowd boos. Nogueira grabs a guillotine. Rua struggles but pops his head out and lands a few punches late. 10-9 Rua, 29-28 Rua.

Winner: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

The crowd boos the decision, given Rua did a lot of stalling and neutralizing late while Nogueira was looking to land shots and finish. But Rua did more damage and controlled the fight.

Other results:

Hugo Viana vs. Guido Cannetti

Viana is a popular fighter in Brazil, having made his name on the first season of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil with his “Wolverine” persona. He has lost 2 of his last 3, albeit against excellent competition in Aljamain Sterling and T.J. Dillashaw. Cannetti is a natural rival, hailing from Argentina. He lost his UFC debut by submission.

Round 1. The fighters exchange jabs and look to establish range early. Cannetti looks for a heel hook and Viana answers by looking to attack Cannetti’s leg. Neither man can get anything and they return to the feet. On the feet, they clinch and work by the cage to a stalemate. Viana throws a nice body kick and goes for a takedown but Cannetti blocks it. Uneventful round. 10-9 Viana.

Round 2. Cannetti lands a head kick and punch that stun Viana. He then takes Viana to the ground. Viana works his way back up to his feet. Cannetti takes Viana down momentarily but then allows Viana to stand right back up. Another clinch battle develops by the cage. Viana gets a takedown with a minute left in the round and drops down some punches late in the round. 10-9 Cannetti.

Round 3. Cannetti goes for another big head kick early but Viana ducks under it and looks for a takedown. Cannetti is able to avoid being taken to the mat. They finally separate from an extended clinch. Cannetti lands a shot to the body and attempts to take Viana to the ground. They return to the clinch and the crowd boos what has been a lackluster fight. Cannetti gets a takedown with a minute left but Viana stands right back up. Cannetti gets him back down and lands a few punches as the fight comes to a merciful conclusion. 10-9 Cannetti, 29-28 Cannetti.

Winner: Guido Cannetti, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Vitor Miranda vs. Clint Hester

Both of these fighters are Ultimate Fighter alumni. Miranda is a finisher, with 9 stoppages in 10 wins. He is coming off a first round TKO victory. Hester won four UFC fights in a row before a setback in his last bout against Robert Whittaker. Hester did not make weight for this fight.

Round 1. Hester doesn’t touch gloves, but gives Miranda time to take down his hand. Hester throws a few jabs and then scores a nice takedown of Miranda. Hester is able to keep Miranda down next to the cage but has to focus so much energy on keeping Miranda down that he isn’t able to do a lot of damage. Miranda halfway through the round is able to reverse and take top position. In contrast to Hester, Miranda immediately opens up with punches to take advantage of top position. Hester is also bleeding. 10-9 Miranda.

Round 2. Hester looks for a takedown at the start of the round, just like in the first. Miranda stops it. Hester goes for another takedown but eats a knee and Miranda takes top position where he drops down a flurry of punches looking to finish the fight. Hester is just covering up and doing nothing before referee Herb Dean stops the fight. Hester didn’t look good at all in that fight.

Winner: Vitor Miranda, TKO, round 2.

Iuri Alcantara vs. Leandro Issa

Alcantara has flirted with bantamweight contention but is still seeking trademark wins to capture the public’s imagination. He is 6-3 with 1 no contest in the UFC. Issa fought on the Asian circuit before joining the UFC. He has won his last two fights via submission.

Round 1. Alcantara comes forward aggressively, attacking Issa with big punches. After one charge, Issa ducks down and looks for a takedown. Alcantara attempts a reverse triangle choke in the process. Issa avoids that and takes top position on the ground in Alcantara’s guard. Issa works his way into preferable half guard position and then into side control. Issa looks to finish with a kimura but Alcantara avoids it twice and looks for an armbar in a scramble. Issa avoids that and regains side control position. Next, he moves into full mount. He lands punches as the round concludes. Alcantara looks to have a big advantage on the feet and Issa on the ground. 10-9 Issa.

Round 2. Alcantara catches Issa off balance with a punch and drops his countryman to the canvas. Issa gets back up and eats an uppercut. Alcantara follows with a straight left hand and then some body kicks. Issa shoots in for a takedown but Alcantara fights it hard. He lands some elbows next to the cage while defending. After a separation, Alcantara hurts Issa with a straight left punch and then drops Issa with another punch moments later and looks to close. Issa holds on then gets up but is punished with another straight left punch and two more late in the round. Dominant round for Alcantara. 10-9 Alcantara.

Round 3. Issa looks for a takedown early, knowing that’s likely to be the key to the round and the fight. Alcantara ends up on top and then just gets back up. Alcantara lands another left hand, the best weapon in this fight by far. Issa has no answers for it. Issa is throwing some low kicks but Alcantara’s boxing is far superior. Issa looks for another takedown but Alcantara grabs his arm, takes top position, and looks to crank a kimura. He can’t get it so he gives it up and opens up with a series of big punches from top position before standing up. Issa is slow to return to the feet and his face is in bad shape. Alcantara lands a left hand, body kick and flying knee. Alcantara is incredibly confident and is opening up big time late. 10-8 Alcantara, 29-27 Alcantara.

Winner: Iuri Alcantara, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27).

Warlley Alves vs. Nordine Taleb

The undefeated Alves won the third season of Ultimate Fighter Brazil and followed that with a UFC victory over Alan Jouban. Taleb is a French fighter with a 3-0 record in the UFC but those wins have come against soft opposition.

Round 1. Alves catches a kick and takes Taleb down. Alves lands a few punches from half guard. After a few attempts he finally passes Taleb’s guard, but Taleb immediately takes the opportunity to stand up and foil Alves’ plans. On the feet, Alves is moving much more and throwing different angles at the more stationary Taleb. Alves drops Taleb with a punch but Taleb is able to recover quickly. Taleb attempts a takedown but can’t get it. Taleb lands a nice right hand, his best strike of the fight thus far. 10-9 Alves.

Round 2. Taleb catches an Alves kick and tries a takedown but Alves stops it. Alves then catches a kick and does get the takedown. Alves lands some punches from half guard and learns his lesson from the first round by not trying to pass too aggressively. Taleb gets back to his feet late and they work against the cage. Alves grabs a guillotine choke, falls to the ground, and gets the submission.

Winner: Warlley Alves, submission, round 2.

Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante vs. Patrick Cummins

Feijao is one of the most feared strikers in the light heavyweight division, but he has struggled in recent years both with his conditioning and his fighting. He holds notable wins over “King” Mo Lawal and Yoel Romero. Cummins is one of the best wrestlers in the division but is coming off a knockout loss to rising contender Ovince St. Preux. This is an important fight for both.

Round 1. Cummins gets a takedown early but Feijao quickly works his way back to his feet. Cummins controls Feijao’s body and slams him back down emphatically. However, Feijao gets up again. They grapple by the cage on their feet and Cummins takes Feijao back down. Feijao gets up once more. He gets slammed yet again and again returns to his feet. This time, Cummins backs off and Feijao throws a few wild punches. He can’t land anything and Cummins gets him down again. Feijao yet again returns to his feet. Feijao keeps throwing with power and finally lands a big right hook. He lands another punch shortly thereafter. Cummins has bad swelling on one eye and damage under the other as well, despite not having taken many individual shots. Cummins clinches by the cage and upon separation, Feijao hits air with a wild spinning back fist. 10-9 Cummins based on the takedowns, but Feijao did more damage.

Round 2. Cummins presses in for another takedown. He takes what looks like only a minor punch but is bleeding badly from the nose. Cummins’ face is a complete mess despite it not looking like he has taken that many shots. Cummins gets a takedown. He lands some punches from the top but Feijao answers with a punch that looks to have more power from the bottom. Cummins postures up and lands some big punches but eats two really hard upkicks in the process. Feijao lands another upkick and gets up. Cummins gets another takedown and immediately goes to work with more punches. 10-9 Cummins.

Round 3. Cummins gets another takedown and lands a series of rapid fire elbows until the referee stops the fight. Brutal finish and impressive performance by Cummins in spite of his face looking like a disaster.

Winner: Patrick Cummins, TKO, round 3.

Demian Maia vs. Neil Magny

Maia is one of the best ground fighters in the sport, although strangely he has only one submission in his last fifteen fights. He’s looking to work his way to a welterweight title shot. Magny has seven straight UFC wins, earning him a big step up in competition here and the opportunity to move into a different bracket.

Round 1. Maia gets a takedown early. He gains full mount position and looks for a mounted triangle but doesn’t get it. Maia works his way back into full mount. Maia drops down some punches but Magny gets Maia back into his half guard and then full guard. They fight for position, with Maia attempting to work his way back into full mount and Magny trying to control his legs. Maia regains mount and goes to town with punches. He follows with elbows and looks to set up an arm triangle choke and then an armbar. Maia is in good position late but can’t extend the arm. Dominant round for Maia. 10-8 Maia.

Round 2. Maia gets a quick takedown again early. Magny avoids full mount but Maia takes side control. He then swings into full mount. Maia lands some punches and Magny gives up his back. Maia grabs a body triangle and looks to set up a rear naked choke. Maia looks for the choke. It doesn’t look like he gets it fully under the chin but he applies a lot of pressure to the chin and gets the tap.

Winner: Demian Maia, submission, round 2.

Claudia Gadelha vs. Jessica Aguilar

This is a terrific pay-per-view opener. Gadelha and Aguilar are considered the top two challengers to UFC women’s strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Gadelha gave the champion her toughest fight, a split decision that many thought Gadelha won. Aguilar, meanwhile, was considered the top fighter in the division before the emergence of Jedrzejczyk and is making her UFC debut. She has 10 straight wins while Gadelha is 12-1 with only the close split decision loss to the champion.

Round 1. Gadelha looks to have a size and power edge, landing a few hard punches early. She adds a hard knee and is connecting more. Aguilar continues to be happy to exchange but Gadelha is getting the best of it. With a minute left in the round, Gadelha scores a beautiful takedown. She gets Aguilar’s back but time runs out on the round. 10-9 Gadelha.

Round 2. Gadelha scores with a hard uppercut early. Aguilar is forced to circle away. Gadelha slams Aguilar down but Aguilar is able to work her way back up. Gadelha is concentrating on straight punches as her primary weapon. Aguilar goes for a takedown but doesn’t come close. Gadelha gets another late takedown. This fight isn’t competitive. 10-8 Gadelha.

Round 3. Aguilar lands a few nice leg kicks early. Gadelha cracks Aguilar with a hook to the chin. Aguilar shoots for a takedown a minute and a half in but Gadelha defends well. She hits Aguilar with a big right hand as they separate. Gadelha stops another takedown attempt. Gadelha scores another takedown in the final minute. She lands a few punches to close and that’s that. 10-9 Gadelha, 30-26 Gadelha.

Winner: Claudia Gadelha, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Antonio Silva vs. Soa Palelei

“Bigfoot” Silva was at one point one of the best heavyweights in the world, with wins over Fedor Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem, Travis Browne and Andrei Arlovski. However, he has struggled since testosterone replacement therapy was banned. The controversial therapy was abused by some, but Silva had legitimate reason for TRT given he was born with acromegaly and produces little testosterone after undergoing a procedure to combat that. He hasn’t won a fight in two and a half years. Palelei is an Australian knockout artist with a 22-4 career record and four wins in his last five UFC fights (all via KO).

Round 1. Silva moves in early. He throws a heavy knee at Palelei’s head, but Palelei looks to use that opportunity to score a takedown. Palelei can’t get it and they break. Silva comes back in looking to land a power shot. Palelei lands a pair of jabs. Silva goes for the knee again and they clinch. Palelei gets the takedown with 90 seconds left in the round. Palelei opens up with punches and has Silva in big trouble late in the round but time runs out. Silva lumbers back to his corner not looking good. 10-9 Palelei.

Round 2. Silva lands some hard shots by the cage on Palelei. Palelei is forced to cover up. Silva keeps coming with power punches and Palelei goes down. Silva keeps hammering him and the fight is stopped.

Winner: Antonio Silva, TKO, round 2.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Stefan Struve

Nogueira is one of the all time legends of the sport, a Pride and UFC heavyweight champion with wins over many of the best fighters of all time. He is towards the end of his career and looking for an upset win at home. Struve is one of the tallest fighters in the sport, although he wins more with his submissions than his reach and striking.

Round 1. Nogueira clinches early and pushes for a takedown. Upon separation, Struve catches Nogueira with a punch and appears to stun the Brazilian. Nogueira responds by quickly returning to the clinch. After they break, Struve catches Nogueira with another stiff straight right hand to the jaw. Nogueira goes back to the clinch. Struve uses a hard knee to the body and kick to the body. Nogueira closes the distance and lands a few solid punches of his own to Struve’s head. Struve answers with a knee to the head. Nogueira lands a nice straight right punch. Struve stuns Nogueira with another punch late. He is hurting Nogueira repeatedly with his shots. 10-9 Struve.

Round 2. Nogueira looks to close distance with a few punches to the head and clinches. Nogueira finally gets Struve down. He takes Struve’s back and looks for a rear naked choke. Struve turns and Nogueira gets mount. Struve quickly bucks Nogueira off and returns to his feet. Nogueira methodically wades in with punches but Struve doesn’t make him pay for it. Nogueira looks to get another takedown but can’t get it and eats an uppercut. Nogueira lands a nice punch to the body. Struve lands a hard leg kick and knee. They clinch by the cage. Much closer round. 10-9 Struve.

Round 3. Struve lands a few kicks from distance. Nogueira moves in and gets a takedown, but Struve gets right back up. Struve lands a few solid punches and then some leg kicks. Nogueira keeps moving forward but he’s slow and lumbering. Nogueira clinches again and the crowd sings, trying to motivate Nogueira to pull off the victory. Struve hits Nogueira with a big head kick but Nogueira just keeps coming. Struve lands another hard straight right hand and then a hard straight left. He then lands a hook moments later. 10-9 Struve, 30-27 Struve.

Winner: Stefan Struve, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Dileno Lopes vs. Reginaldo Vieira

This is the final of the bantamweight tournament on the most recent season of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil. Lopes is 18-1 professionally while Vieira is 12-3. Both have relied primarily on submissions.

Round 1. They come out aggressive and trade from close range. Vieira looks for a guillotine choke but can’t get it. Lopes then grabs a guillotine of his own. Lopes’ looks much deeper. Vieira also escapes and they trade big punches. Vieira gets dropped with a punch and Lopes grabs another guillotine choke. Vieira escapes. They exchange wildly as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Vieira.

Round 2. They trade leg kicks early. The pace has slowed considerably from the first round. Neither man is landing that much. Lopes does connect with a few solid punches and pursues Vieira. Lopes gets a takedown late. However, he doesn’t capitalize on it at all and the ref stands them up late. Lopes is bleeding from both eyes, it appears. 10-9 Lopes.

Round 3. They exchange leg kicks to start. Vieira is moving away a lot. Lopes comes in swinging wildly. He doesn’t land anything big but does get a takedown. As Vieira tries to get up, Lopes grabs a guillotine. Vieira is bleeding badly and finally gets out of the guillotine. Lopes keeps landing punches from the bottom. Vieira answers with hard punches from the top. They just keep punching to the end. 10-9 Vieira, 29-28 Vieira.

Winner: Reginaldo Vieira, unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).

Fernando Bruno vs. Glaci Franca

This is the lightweight final of the most recent season of Ultimate Fighter Brazil. Bruno is 15-2 professionally with most wins via submission while Franca is 12-3 with a mix of knockouts and submissions.

Round 1. Franca lands a couple of hard leg kicks early. Bruno moves in, eats a knee, and looks for a takedown. He doesn’t come close at first but keeps working. Bruno gets Franca down momentarily but Franca pops up. Franca eventually fights off the takedown attempt for good and he takes Bruno down. Bruno gets up. Franca gets him back down. Franca looks for a choke but he doesn’t have the body secured. Dull round. 10-9 Franca.

Round 2. Bruno clinches. Bruno presses Franca against the cage. Holds him. Holds him. Holds him. Franca then grabs Bruno. They grapple for position on the ground. Bruno gets top position. Bruno, despite working hard for the position, doesn’t do much with it. Franca stands back up and throws a nice knee. A scramble ensues and Franca gets the back. He looks to secure a rear naked choke. 10-9 Franca.

Round 3. Bruno comes out throwing wild hooks. It’s nice to see some urgency from him. He clinches again. Bruno gets a takedown but Franca quickly reverses. They return to the feet and Bruno looks for the takedown again. He doesn’t get it. We get some extremely sloppy striking and they return to the familiar clinch. Franca gets a takedown. Franca get Bruno’s back and locks in a rear naked choke. He gets the tap with less than 30 seconds left.

Winner: Glaci Franca, submission, round 3.

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