Wrestlemania results: Undertaker retires after losing to Roman Reigns

It’s time for Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania, WWE’s biggest pay-per-view event of the year, takes place today in Orlando, Fla. We will have all the results as they happen here. The pre-show matches begin at 2 p.m. PT, with the main show beginning at 4 p.m. PT. The matches:

Neville (champion) d. Austin Aries to retain the cruiserweight championship

Aries had missed a few weeks of action after suffering a broken orbital bone around his left eye. He dominated most of the match but could not put Neville away. Neville kicked out of a Frankensteiner off the top rope and a 450 splash. Aries had Neville locked in the Last Chancery, but Neville raked him in his bad left eye and then hit the Red Arrow for the victory.

Mojo Rawley wins the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal


Rob Gronkowski was shown in a front-row seat before the match and they mentioned he was good friends with Mojo Rawley. Very interesting booking. Everyone expected either Big Show or Braun Strowman to win, so they were eliminated early when everyone else in the ring ganged up on them and dumped them over the top. Guys like Simon Gotch, Kalist, Curtis Axel, Fandango were eliminated early too. The final five were Mojo Rawley, Sami Zayn, Jinder Mahal, Killian Dain and Titus O’Neil. Zayn eliminated O’Neil, Dain eliminated Zayn. The crowd did not like that. Mahal went to ringside and got into an argument with Gronkowski, throwing a drink in his face. Mahal went back into the ring and an irate Gronkowski jumped the railing. A poor member of security, not knowing it was part of the show, ran over and grabbed Gronkowski and told him to stop. Suddenly, three WWE officials arrived and pulled her away. Gronkowski got into the ring and tackled Mahal. Rawley told Gronkowski that he could handle it, so they bumped fists and Gronkowski went back to his seat. Rawley eliminated Mahal and Dain to win. Fun match.

On a local Orlando TV station, Amanda Ober of WESH said before the match, “Andre the Giant is in a battle royal with about 30 WWE superstars. We’ll let you know how Andre is doing up there. It doesn’t sound good.”

Amanda, if Andre was in the battle royal, you’d have quite the story, considering he has been dead for over 20 years. That was sort of embarrassing.

Dean Ambrose (champion) d. Baron Corbin to retain the Intercontinental Championship


Corbin took most of the match, working on Ambrose’s damaged ribs. He tried to hit his End of Days finisher, but Ambrose countered into the Dirty Deeds and got the pin. A somewhat disappointing match.

A.J. Styles d. Shane McMahon

The crowd is solidly behind Styles, who is supposed to be the heel. Styles outwrestled Shane to start, before Shane surprised him with pinning combination that Styles kicked out of. The early story of the match was the overconfidence of Styles. Shane started throwing punches, but Styles was able to counter and went to the top rope for a forearm, but Shane hit the ropes, causing Styles to crash into the ring. Styles locked in the calf crusher but Shane reversed into an armbar. Styles escaped and went to the top rope for a splash, but Shane caught him in a triangle. Styles lifted Shane and hit a Styles Clash, but Shane kicked out. Styles accidentally kicked the ref, knocking him out. Great finishing sequence. Styles dragged Shane into the corner and put a garbage can in front of him. He tried to hit the Coast to Coast, but Shane jumped up and hit Styles in the head with the garbage can. Then Shane brought in a garbage can and hit a Coast to Coast and Styles, who kicked out of the pin at the last moment. Shane put Styles on the announce table, but Styles move when Shane jumped from the top rope. Shane crashed through the table, and barely beat the 10 count back into the ring. Shane hit Styles with a DDT, but Styles kicked out. Shane went for a Shooting Star press, but Styles moved. Styles then hit the Phenomenal Forearm for the win. Really good match.

Kevin Owens pinned Chris Jericho (champion) to win the U.S. Championship


Back and forth match. Each kept countering the others moves, a nice touch considering they are former best friends and should know each other well. Owens reversed a Codebreaker into a power bomb, but Jericho kicked out. Jericho hit a top rope Frankensteiner and Owens kicked out. Jericho went for a Lionsault, but Owens brought his knees up. Owens went for a top rope cannonball, but Owens got his knees up. Owens got the Walls of Jericho, but Jericho got out and locked in his own Walls of Jericho. Owens reached the ropes to break the hold. Owens hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Jericho kicked out just before the three count. Jericho reversed a Pop Up Powerbomb into a Codebreaker, but Owens got one finger on the bottom rope to stop the count. Great sequence. Owens pulled Jericho out of the ring, powerbombed him into the apron, then rolled him back in the ring and pinned him.

Bayley (champion) d. Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax in an elimination match to retain the WWE Raw Women’s championship

Charlotte got the most elaborate entrance of the four. Foreshadowing perhaps? Nia Jax dominated early, before Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha triple-teamed her. They gave her a triple powerbomb from the second rope, and all three covered her for the pin, eliminating Jax. Charlotte hit a reverse corkscrew off the top rope onto Bayley and Banks, who were at ringside. Banks got a Bank Statement on Charlotte, who escaped. Charlotte took the turnbuckle off the second rope in a corner of the ring. Banks locked in a Bank Statement, but Charlotte reversed it and launched Banks into the exposed turnbuckle and pinned her. That left Charlotte and Bayley. Charlotte locked in the Figure 8, but Bayley reached the ropes. Bayley was selling an injured knee. Bayley backflipped Charlotte off the top rope, then hit the Randy Savage elbow from the top rope and pinned Charlotte. They seemed to rush through this match, but it was good. They should have given them more time.

The Hardy Boyz d. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (champions), Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and Sheamus and Cesaro to win the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship


The New Day came out and said the match was going to be a Fatal Fourway. After teasing that they would enter the match themselves, The Hardy Boys’ music hit and the roof came off the place. OK, there is no roof on the stadium, but if there had been, it would have come off. The whole crowd went crazy and started chanting “Delete, Delete.” The Hardy Boys’ dominated the first part of the match, hitting Poetry in Motion before things started to settle down. The finish was amazing. Two ladders were bridged from ringside to the ring. Anderson and Matt Hardy climbed a ladder in the ring, and Hardy hit Anderson with a Twist of Fate off the top of the ladder. Meanwhile, with Sheamus and Cesaro draped across the two ladders at ring side, Jeff Hardy climbed to the top of another ladder and hit a Swanton Bomb off the top, through Cesaro, Sheamus and the two ladders. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy climbed the ladder in the ring to grab the tag team titles.

John Cena and Nikki Bella d. The Miz and Maryse

The crowd loved Miz. This was all a set-up for the post match. Miz actually dominated Cena for most of the match before Cena tagged Bella. The hit double Five Knuckle Shuffles on Miz and Maryse and pinned them simultaneously. After the match, Cena proposed to Nikki Bella, who accepted. The men were booing, the women and children were thrilled.

Seth Rollins d. Triple H


Hunter kept working over Rollins’ injured knee, trying to make Rollins submit. The crowd was strangely quiet during this match. They have been there for about 7 hours so far, so not a big surprise really. Triple H brought out his sledgehammer. Rollins got it, but Stephanie took it and Triple H hit a pedigree. Rollins kicked out. Triple H tried to hit a pedigree off the top rope, but Rollins backflipped him into the ring and hit a Phoenix Splash. Triple H kicked out. Rollins set up a table at ringside. Back in the ring, they each countered out of Pedigrees. Stephanie got on the ring apron when Rollins had the upper hand. Rollins sent Hunter into Stephanie, who went through the table to the floor. Rollins hit a pedigree on Hunter for the victory.

Pitbull and Flo Rida came out to sing. They got a lot of boos. No one wanted to see them at this point of the show.

Randy Orton d. Bray Wyatt (champion) for the WWE championship

A cool moment in the match came when Wyatt knocked Orton down in the middle of the ring. The lights dimmed, and an overhead shot made it look like maggots were in the ring, feasting on Orton. Very cool effect. He did it again a few minutes later and it looked like earthworms. The ref jumped out of the ring each time, selling the effect nicely. Wyatt went for the crab walk and it looked like cockroaches were in the ring. Orton then hit an RKO out of nowhere and pinned Wyatt.


Brock Lesnar d. Goldberg (champion) for the WWE Universal championship

Lesnar hit three German suplexes and posed, but Goldberg speared him. Goldberg hit two more spears and Lesnar rolled out if the ring. Goldberg speared him through a ringside barricade and rolled Lesnar back into the ring. He went for another spear, but Lesnar leapfrogged him and Goldberg crashed into a turnbuckle. Lesnar hit seven more German suplexes and then hit the F5 for the pin.

Naomi d. Alexa Bliss (champion), Becky Lynch, Natalya, Mickie James and Carmella (with James Ellsworth) for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Naomi won with her lucha stretch submission on Bliss. Naomi is from Orlando and was the most popular person in the match. Lynch hit an exploder suplex on Ellsworth to a big pop.


Roman Reigns d. The Undertaker

Jim Ross came down to a huge ovation to call the match, adding to the speculation that this could be Undertaker’s final match.The two traded punches and Undertaker threw Reigns out of the ring. “This is still my yard,” Undertaker said. Reigns got back in the ring and hit a Samoan Drop on Undertaker. Undertaker really looks like his his is killing him. Walks with a pronounced limp. Reigns hit Taker with the Drive By. Undertaker got the Snake Eyes and a big boot, but Reigns kicked out. Undertaker cleared off the U.S. announcers table and the Spanish announcers table. Reigns speared Undertaker through the Spanish announcer table. He struggled into the ring and Reigns gave him several knees. Undertaker hit the Last Ride out of nowhere, but Reigns kicked out. Undertaker brought a chair into the ring and hit Reigns with it twice. Undertaker went for a choke slam, but Reigns saw it and rolled out of the ring. Reigns hit a Superman punch. He hit another. He went for a third but Undertaker choke slammed him onto the chair. Undertaker hit the Tombstone Piledriver, but Reigns kicked out. The crowd booed. They don’t want him to win. Taker went for another Tombstone, but Reigns reversed it, then lost control of Undertaker in some sort of botched move. Reigns hit another Superman punch. Reigns went for the pin but Taker countered into the Hell’s Gate. Reigns reached the ropes to break the hold. Reigns got the chair and hit Taker across the back five or six times as the crowd booed. Reigns hit a spear and Undertaker kicked out. Reigns hit another speak and Taker kicked out. Reigns hit another Superman punch and another spear and got the pin as the crowd booed.

After the match, Undertaker left his gloves, coat and hat in the middle of the ring, signifying that this indeed was his final match. The crowd chanted his name as he walked up the aisle for the last time. There were grown men crying in the stands, and apparently someone was chopping onions at my house, because my eyes were watering. As were Undertaker’s. He reached the midway point of the ramp, and a special left lowered him below the ramp as he had one fist raised in the air. The crowd was chanting “Thank You, Taker” as the show went off the air.


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