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Don DeLillo's deep freeze: 'Zero K' takes on death, futurists and cryonics

In Don DeLillo's new novel, "Zero K," words have come unattached from the things they mean. The title indicates the temperature zero Kelvin, best known as absolute zero. But in the story, Zero K is an elite level of cryogenics, and even the scientists who work there admit it's not actually part of the process.

That's only the beginning.

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A rare interview with Don DeLillo, one of the titans of American fiction

If you want to reach Don DeLillo, don't try to email him; he doesn't email. His preferred method of business communication is via fax. He still writes his novels on a typewriter.

That technological reticence notwithstanding, DeLillo is one of the titans of American fiction.

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The Antelope Valley is home to mini-malls, tract houses and youth who want out in 'Desert Boys'

The young and the rich flock to Coachella and Burning Man and Joshua Tree, because the desert is very much in fashion. Instagram is a constant stream of desert photographs: the boulders, the wildflowers, the boutiques, the stylish millennials posing outside the perfectly aged desert cabins rented for the weekend off Airbnb.

The high desert north of Los Angeles has seen no such surge in visitors.

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BBC One and Netflix partner to produce watered-down 'Watership'

What is "Watership Down" if it's not traumatizing small children? Fans of the vocal stylings of Ben Kingsley and, also, bunnies have reason to rejoice as BBC One and Netflix announced Thursday a four-part computer-generated animated miniseries adapting Richard Adams’ classic adventure novel “Watership Down.” However, some might find elements of the new interpretation less than faithful.

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Lydia Millet has cooked up a contemplative thriller of endurance in 'Sweet Lamb of Heaven'

At a cultural moment when so many action-inflected books, movies and television shows feature an ass-kicking woman — Mad Max's Imperator Furiosa, "The Walking Dead's" Michonne, "The Hunger Games'" Katniss Everdeen, and, in Emily St.

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Jane Smiley on Geoff Dyer: hard to take but worth the attempt

"Stories don't interest me," Geoff Dyer told the Huffington Post in 2014. That this is true is evident in his new collection of essays, "White Sands." Which doesn't mean that "White Sands" isn't a good read, because it is. You must, however, get used to Dyer's tone, which is persnickety and unenthusiastic.

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