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David Mitchell has a new book, but you'll have to wait 98 years to read it
Lisa Lucas, head of the National Book Foundation, wants you to love reading

Lisa Lucas is a rare combination: a high-energy bookish extrovert.

“If I can convince a small fraction of people to feel the same way that I feel about reading," she said, "then I’ve done my job.”

It was only her third day as head of the National Book Foundation, the third person to lead it in three decades.

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6 intriguing new nonfiction books

Six intriguing new nonfiction titles -- some are already climbing our bestseller list.

"Boy Erased" by Garrard Conley (Riverhead: 352 pp., $27)

Being gay in Arkansas is not easy, and after Conley was outed at 19, his parents sent him to a Christian ministry’s conversion therapy program. More than a decade later, Conley recounts the experience in this memoir.

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What is biography? Who can be trusted? asks Jill Lepore in 'Joe Gould's Teeth'

One winter, Jill Lepore, the prolific historian and New Yorker correspondent, taught a course called “What Is Biography?” To coax her Harvard sophomores to ponder whether we can truly know another person, she assigned Julian Barnes’ novel “The Sense of an Ending.”

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Rob Bell: podcaster, bestselling author, performer and, yes, pastor
Literary pick of the week: Martin Pousson unveils 'Black Sheep Boy'

On Thursday evening, Martin Pousson launches his new book, "Black Sheep Boy," at Skylight Books. Pousson was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellowship to work on the book, which blends Southern Gothic literary heritage, his Cajun upbringing and his distinctive voice to tell a novel in stories.

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