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Colson Whitehead's 'The Underground Railroad' is timely, necessary and shattering

It’s hard to make your way through the Underground Railroad. And when you finally do — after days, weeks, months submerged in its acrid darkness, soundless and shattered, with only bouts of desperate, fitful sleep — you come up to the light, stand still in the open air and wait for the next instance when you are either violently seized or forced to flee for your life.

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Ben Lerner considers the hatred of poetry; Marie Ponsot celebrates its joys

Although Ben Lerner’s latest book is titled “The Hatred of Poetry,” I am almost certain that poetry is less hated now than it has ever been. I don't think the readers who would be drawn to this book — poetry fans with their dukes up — actually need it at all.

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Murder in mind in Karin Fossum's new thriller 'Hell Fire'

With Scandinavian crime fiction all the rage and enormous attention paid to writers like Jo Nesbo, Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell, it's almost, well, criminal, that Norway's Karin Fossum isn't better known.               

Translated into dozens of languages and winner of the Glass Key Award for best Nordic crime novel, Fossum's exceptional qualities are on view in her new novel, "Hell Fire," the

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Raised in California and living in Seoul, novelist Krys Lee wrestles with Korean identities

Standing in the heart of Koreatown, novelist Krys Lee is turned around. 

Was this the direction to the Korean market to which her family made a pilgrimage every weekend, and her mother would rent her cache of Korean videotapes? Which way was the tofu restaurant she and her pastor father walked to countless times, after her mother died and there was no one to cook him Korean food?

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Tama Janowitz memoir 'Scream' is strangely lacking; Elizabeth Hand reviews

Bright lights, big hair: Once upon a time, in a gallery somewhere in Alphabet City, you might have glimpsed the 1980s NYC literati swilling champagne and snorting Bolivian marching powder under the gleeful gaze of photogs from Interview, the Soho Weekly News and the New York Post’s Page 6.

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Donald Trump's campaign spent $50,000 on his latest book

The Donald Trump campaign spent more than $50,000 to buy copies of the candidate's most recent book, an Federal Election Commission filing shows.

The Daily Beast reports that the Trump campaign spent $55,055 at Barnes & Noble on Trump’s book on May 10.

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