Crumbs Bake Shop is making red velvet cupcake ice cream

Cupcakes + ice cream = magic. Crumbs Bake Shop to release cupcake ice cream

Crumbs Bake Shop is making ice cream with bits of cupcake in the ice cream.

The company, which helped fuel the nationwide cupcake craze a couple of years ago, will soon introduce three cupcake ice cream flavors to stores nationwide. Crumbs announced the news via Twitter on Tuesday. 

The flavors include Red Velvet, made with cream cheese-flavored ice cream and bits of red velvet cupcakes; Total Blackout, made with chocolate ice cream and pieces of chocolate cupcakes and chocolate fudge chunks; and Apple Cobbler, featuring bourbon vanilla ice cream and apple cinnamon cupcake crumbles. 

A Los Angeles Crumbs Bake Shop employee confirmed the Larchmont Boulevard location will receive a shipment of the cupcake ice cream within the next couple of weeks. The ice cream will be sold in pints for $4.99 each.  

Or you could always get cupcakes and crumble them on ice cream yourself. Your call. 

After closing all of its stores nationwide in July, Crumbs reopened a location on Larchmont Boulevard late last year.

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