National Grilled Cheese Day: Celebrate with a 20-layer sandwich

National Grilled Cheese Day is Sunday: Celebrate with the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich -- all 20 layers

Sunday is National Grilled Cheese Day, and it seems fitting to have a day devoted to reflecting on the wonder that is two slices of buttered bread with cheese — all grilled to melted perfection.

Here at the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen, we take our grilled cheese seriously.

So to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day, Test Kitchen director Noelle Carter and Food writer Jenn Harris decided to build the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. And by ultimate, we mean 20 layers of all your favorite cheeses, a few surprises, and plenty of buttered bread. And then we captured it on video.

If you're wondering what's in all those layers, they include American cheese, mozzarella and sliced tomato, provolone and pesto, pepperjack and fried egg, gorgonzola and grilled onions, brie and bacon, Monterey Jack and pastrami, Velveeta and Tater Tots, smoked gouda, cream cheese and lox, White Castle cheeseburgers, a quesadilla, meatballs and provolone, Eggo waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage and American cheese, cheddar and apples, pimento cheese, mac ‘n’ cheese, fontina and sauteed mushrooms, a classic nut-crusted cheese ball, and nachos.

Oh, and then we doused the whole thing with bechamel sauce and topped it with a fried egg, croque madame style. And then we planted the American flag — which kind of makes the whole thing look like a food variation of the lunar landing — just because we wanted to.

It's every cheese sandwich you've ever wanted, dreamed of, and didn't know you needed — all in one. 

We thought the biggest challenge we'd face building this monster sandwich was flipping it after each layer. That is, until we tried to cut it up and eat it later.

Got an idea for the ultimate grilled cheese? Want to share your favorite grilled cheese creation? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @latimesfood.

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