This one just might grow on you

Everyone has their passions, and there can be something quite charming about the attempts to share them with others. You've watched Food TV. Court TV. History TV. But have you ever watched "Indoor Air Quality TV"? Now you can.

We were alerted to this new Web channel by an e-mail from Jeff Deuitch, the Florida microbiologist who hosts it. He plans to make it the place for anyone fascinated by mold, sick building syndrome or the latest in thermal infrared imaging for high-tech fungal spore detection.

Here's an episode at

Feast on the dramatic opening music and fast-moving images of spores, moldy walls and white suits — then follow Deuitch as he reports direct from the floor of the 4th Annual Florida Intercounty Indoor Air Quality Council and Exposition.

Excitement among mold remediation scientists is reaching fever pitch. The much-anticipated "18-wheel rolling water intrusion with subsequent drying" exhibition — too big even to fit into the exhibit hall — is about to begin ...

This is not quite the E! Entertainment Television. One doesn't exactly root for the participants as they wander the hall with their short-sleeved shirts and plastic bags brimming with mold remediation free samples.

Still, the wonkish enthusiasm Deuitch brings to his passion makes for strangely compelling television.

— Rosie Mestel

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