Carolyn Kellogg


Carolyn Kellogg is book editor of the Los Angeles Times. She is a recipient of the paper’s editorial award and she is a vice president of the board of the National Book Critics Circle. Kellogg has served as editor of, web editor of Marketplace and has been widely published. She has an MFA in creative writing and a bachelor's degree from USC.

Recent Articles

  • Books: 10 most important books of 2016 and more

    Hello, I’m books editor Carolyn Kellogg, with this week’s book news for you. THE BIG STORY Looking back on the year, I’ve selected the 10 most important books of 2016. Because books take so long to create, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be as meaningful when they’re published as they were when...

  • The 10 most important books of 2016

    The 10 most important books of 2016

    Books are slow food. It generally takes two years, two hardworking years, to cook up a book from idea to publication. Some writers can go faster — those who publish a book a year (or more) are working at top speed — while others write much more slowly, ruminating and reworking and false-starting...

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