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3 factors that make Indiana's religion law different from other states'

Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed by Gov. Mike Pence late last week, is virtually identical to a Clinton-era federal law as well as statutes on the books in 19 other states. Nowhere does the Indiana law explicitly authorize discrimination. Yet critics from Tim Cook of Apple...

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  • How to prevent another anti-gay 'religious freedom' law
    How to prevent another anti-gay 'religious freedom' law

    To the editor: The passage of bills in Indiana, Mississippi and Arkansas that sanction discrimination based on religious freedom demonstrate the dearth of federal protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) individuals. ("In conservative Indiana, bemusement amid boycott threats...

  • Don't blame depression for Germanwings crash

    To the editor: I must express my deep frustration with the media for linking the Germanwings pilot's depression to his apparent mass murder. ("Germanwings plane crash: Copilot's mental health under scrutiny," March 27)

  • Workers' comp misuse at the LAFD and LAPD

    To the editor: The Times reports that two-thirds of Los Angeles firefighters and 60% of police officers filed an on-the-job injury claim in the last three years. The article also states that many "injuries" don't occur in the line of duty. Rather, they occur in peripheral activities such as...

  • Questions over patient care at Kaiser

    To the editor: My 24-year-old daughter experienced the same delay in diagnostic tests from the Woodland Hills Kaiser in 1999 for worsening back pain. She requested and was refused an X-ray for six months. ("Kaiser ordered to pay woman more than $28 million," March 26)

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