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  • Have DWP billing issues? You're not the only one

    Have DWP billing issues? You're not the only one

    To the editor: As newlyweds, my husband and I lived in Nichols Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. Our house, on stilts, had virtually no grounds, so we hardly watered. However, our water bills were astronomical. ("Van Nuys couple's $51,649.32 DWP horror story," May 20)

  • Oil companies should bear the risks of drilling and production

    To the editor: When I read about the oil spill near Santa Barbara, I heard the voices of Sarah Palin and John McCain shouting, "Drill, baby, drill." Instead, we need to apply two words when confronting threats to the environment: risk and reward. ("Santa Barbara oil spill: Pipeline operator has...

  • Why rooftop solar users should pay to maintain the grid

    To the editor: Evan Gillespie fails to point out some important reasons the California Public Utilities Commission might rework a rate structure that he says protects those who use the least amount of energy. ("PUC may short-circuit California's fair, progressive electricity rate policy," op-ed,...

  • Buying organic isn't just about personal health

    To the editor: Walking or working out is an investment in our health, instead of spending that time making more money. Similarly, buying organic food is investing not only in our own health, but in everyone's health. ("Is organic food worth the higher price? Many experts say no," May 19)

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