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Are beautiful, funny women really that hard to find?

"In the history of the motion picture business, the number of beautiful, really beautiful women — a Lucille Ball — that are funny, is impossible to find," former Disney CEO Michael Eisner said in a conversation about mindfulness, of all things, with Goldie Hawn at the Aspen Ideas Festival. "The...

Ted Rall

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  • Between the lanes

    Between the lanes

    To the editor: Kudos to columnist Robin Abcarian for being brave enough to try this practice. (“A firsthand look at lane splitting,” Column, July 3)

  • A closer look at history

    A closer look at history

    To the editor: I am impressed with professor Don Olson and his colleagues' scientific challenge to the exact time of the famous kiss celebrating the end of World War II. (Astronomical time unraveler,” Science File, July 4)

  • Kathryn Steinle: Protecting the citizens of S.F.

    Kathryn Steinle: Protecting the citizens of S.F.

    To the editor: There won't be any sizable demonstrations or public protests over this killing. (“5-time deportee held in killing,” July 4, and “Shooting stirs immigration policy debate,” July 5).

  • Not happy with the UC system

    Not happy with the UC system

    To the editor: I was shocked and angered when I read the recent article revealing the present in-state and out-of-state enrollment statistics for the University of California system. (“Odds of UC spot grow longer,” July 3)

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