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California lawmakers should pass the vaccination bill

Anti-vaccination parents showed up last week in Sacramento threatening to leave the public schools en masse, and the Senate Education Committee crumbled like a batch of overbaked cookies. Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), who has written legislation that would mandate vaccines for almost all public...

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  • Make California's water hogs pay
    Make California's water hogs pay

    To the editor: I hope you received lots of outraged letters about the jaw-droppingly selfish customer who asked whom he should sue for the decrease in his property's value when his landscaping dies. Meanwhile, the Desert Water Agency general manager who serves this customer, David Luker, had the...

  • Turkey's sensitivity over the Armenian genocide

    To the editor: The genocide of the Armenians 100 years ago is a well-known historical catastrophe. ("On Armenian genocide, go ahead and offend Turkey," op-ed, April 15)

  • How the World Bank can help rather than hurt

    To the editor: Time and again we hear about efforts to develop, preserve, modernize or otherwise improve parts of the world such as this article about the World Bank's project to help preserve Kenya's Embobut Forest. And time and again we come to learn that these efforts have resulted in indigenous...

  • L.A.'s own radical nuns

    To the editor: Forty-five years ago last March, the Immaculate Heart sisters felt the brunt of male hierarchical power as the Los Angeles Archdiocese intruded into their lives, including their manner of dress and prayer and their freedom to choose active ministries. ("Vatican ends its years-long...

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