For Angelenos, there's much to decide before the March election

Election day is a month away. Again, you ask? Didn't we just have an election? Well, yes, we did. We voted for governor and Congress and other offices — and decided a handful of ballot measures — on Nov. 4. Now Los Angeles residents are being asked to vote again, on March 3, for...

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Sainthood and Serra

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  • Anti-vaccination apologism does no one any favors
    Anti-vaccination apologism does no one any favors

    To the editor: Patt Morrison's interview with anti-vaccination apologist Elena Conis exposes the irrational thinking that drives this dangerous movement. Although it is obvious that the increasing numbers of unvaccinated children contribute to the current measles epidemic, she instead concludes...

  • Want better roads and bridges? Then raise the gas tax

    To the editor: Tim Phillips wrongly suggests that an increased gas tax would have an adverse effect on our national economy. ("A higher gasoline tax would throttle back economic growth," Op-Ed, Jan. 28)

  • Ted Rall's ageist attack on Dianne Feinstein

    To the editor: As a member of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's generation, I have been bothered for some time by an unease that ageism is now the last bastion of socially acceptable prejudice. Examples of what amount to ridicule and near-contempt abound in various media.

  • Charles Townes was a teacher first

    To the editor: Thank you for your excellent obituary of Charles Townes. As scientists who had the great fortune to work closely with Townes earlier in our careers, we benefited greatly from his tutelage and his attention.

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