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How to handle Puerto Rico's debt crisis

This has not been the best week for risky government securities. First, the Greek government failed to make a $1.7-billion payment that was due Tuesday. Then the Puerto Rican government revealed that its debt had become unsustainable, although it managed to forestall a default by making more than...

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  • The cat's meow

    The cat's meow

    To the editor: What a fantastic time in the news. And just when we thought it could not get any better, we read that “Pacino” has been employed by Working Cats (“Working Cats program puts rescued felines' skills to use,” June 27) to keep the vermin at bay in the Original L.A. Flower Market. Wow.This...

  • Obama and the "N-word': Language and society evolve

    Obama and the "N-word': Language and society evolve

    To the editor: The Op-Ed by Madison T. Shockley II ( “Obama said it, and why that's OK,” Opinion, June 28) on the “N-word” and who can use it reflects the continuing evolution of language. For example, as a World War II-era kid, I never saw the “F-word” in print, as it was mostly used to describe...

  • What to do about death row

    What to do about death row

    To the edtior: In a curious decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, (“Despite vote, shift is felt on death penalty,” June 30) the justices should be charged with practicing medicine without a license.

  • Charleston shooting: fighting over the flag

    Charleston shooting: fighting over the flag

    To the editor: Columnist George Skelton made a mistake by unjustly comparing the ethnic pride many Latinos possess when they see the Mexican flag to the waving of the Confederate flag at legislative buildings in the South. (“Flags depict a false image,” Column, June 25)

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