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Mike Huckabee's rhetoric of religious victimization

Just prior to announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, Mike Huckabee addressed the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition in Waukee. “We are criminalizing Christianity in this country,” Huckabee declared. “We cannot stand by silently.” The Southern Baptist minister, former...

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  • Why Bernie Sanders is truly a long-shot candidate

    Why Bernie Sanders is truly a long-shot candidate

    Just because Bernie Sanders probably won't win the Democratic nomination for president doesn't mean his candidacy isn't important, wrote Doyle McManus wrote in his column Wednesday. A few readers who expressed support for Sanders weren't pleased by McManus' assessment of the Vermont senator's chances.

  • Closing the military-civilian divide: Bring back the draft

    To the editor: The incisive and informative article highlights the degree to which 99.5% of all Americans have no involvement with our military. ("U.S. military and civilians are increasingly divided," May 24)

  • Why being a 'real man' doesn't require carrying a gun

    To the editor: Jennifer Carlson says the increasing prevalence of men carrying guns in public in some areas is the result of a "crisis of confidence in the American dream." She writes that "men find in guns a sense of duty, relevance and even dignity." ("Why men feel the need to carry guns," op-ed,...

  • Don't write off the Democrats in 2016

    To the editor: There's an inherent flaw in basing one's prediction of a future election outcome on a few historical coincidences. And that is history doesn't necessarily repeat itself. ("In 2016's presidential race, the winner will be ...," op-ed, May 26)

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