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California's ballots have all been counted — more than 14.6 million and most of them for Hillary Clinton

California elections officials completed their work tallying votes from the Nov. 8 election on Wednesday, submitting a final report of more than 14.6 million ballots cast in races from president to seats in Congress and the state Legislature.

Hillary Clinton, whose presidential bid came up short in the electoral college, handily beat President-elect Donald Trump in California by more than 4.2 million votes — almost double the number of ballots cast for Trump, helping boost her lead in the national popular vote.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla must certify the presidential vote by the end of this week and fully certify the election results next week.

Voter turnout in California, in the final unofficial returns, was higher than it was in the presidential election four years ago: 75.3% of registered voters cast a ballot last month, compared with 72.36% casting a ballot in 2012.

The closest statewide race was for Proposition 53, the effort to require future statewide elections for revenue bonds of $2 billion or larger.

Fought by Gov. Jerry Brown and business groups, Proposition 53 lost in unofficial results by just 151,646 votes out of more than 13 million cast on the measure.

With a majority of voters casting ballots by mail or dropping absentee ballots off on election day, election results now frequently take weeks to complete. A handful of the state's 58 counties reported their votes Wednesday afternoon, almost one month after voters went to the polls.

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