Opinion: Sen. Boxer to The Times: Hold Trump accountable like you did with me for 24 years


To the editor: As I wind down my days in the U.S. Senate, I wanted to say thank you to The Times, its staff and its readers.

To the Times: Thank you for being an independent voice on the issues facing our state and country. At times, I was exasperated when we didn’t see eye to eye. At other times, I was elated by your coverage. But even when we disagreed, I always appreciated your essential role in our democracy.

Going forward, I intend to remain very involved in the issues we face, and like all your readers, I will rely on the work you do every single day. As we march into uncharted territory with a new president-elect who has never held elected office — and who at times has threatened the media — the role of the free press is more important than ever.


We need real news, not fake news. We need courageous journalism that questions authority. Your reporters held me accountable for 24 years in the Senate. I am confident they will do the same with the leaders who will take office this January. Our democracy depends on it.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)

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