Readers React: Taxing tampons is like taxing women for menstruating


To the editor: Repealing the sales tax on tampons and pads is fundamentally about gender equity. We can debate what necessities are, or how to reform our tax code, but the question before us is whether California should tax women for being women. (“Keep taxing diapers and tampons,” editorial, Feb. 29)

We don’t tax any other non-optional health product that is needed every month uniquely by one gender for 40 years of life.

Our sales tax code exemptions are a reflection of what we value. We value motion pictures and candy over menstrual products, which are federally regulated medical devices. It’s time we value women’s health.


Let’s increase women’s spending power by putting the $20 million we collect from them back into their pockets instead of unfairly taxing them for their periods. The money from the tampon tax should remain in the hands of our mothers, our sisters, our daughters and the 4.6 million California women living in poverty, period.

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens)

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