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Protest over climate change, and Trump's rejection of issue, stoke rallies

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Tens of thousands of demonstrators converged around the White House and in other cities Saturday to protest what they said was the Trump administration's rejection of scientific claims on climate change and other environmental issues.

Trump has ordered the removal of numerous regulations imposed by previous administrations to protect the environment. That has motivated demonstrators to choose the president's 100th day in office for mass protests .

"I am standing up for climate change," said Lucy La Flamme, a Washington resident who held a large banner saying, "Resist," at the demonstration.

"This is a critical tipping point," said Kaitlin Jensco, 29, a teacher.  

She and others expressed alarm at the Trump administration's decision to remove from government websites any mention of climate warming and other keen environmental concerns.

Participants in the People's Climate March said they objected to Trump's rollback of restrictions on mining, oil drilling and greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants, among other things.

In Washington, demonstrators braved one of the hottest April days on record to participate in the marches.

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