Football: QB Brock Johnson takes over at Mission Viejo

Eric Sondheimer
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It's time to turn over control of Mission Viejo's offense to junior quarterback Brock Johnson, the son of offensive coordinator Bret Johnson, the nephew of assistant coach Rob Johnson and the grandson of head Coach Bob Johnson.

"It seems like I'm getting old," Bob Johnson said.

Brock helped Mission Viejo win its own passing tournament last week with a win over Villa Park in the championship game. He was the quarterback for Mission Viejo's 10-0 JV team last season.

He'll have a strong offensive line protecting him, led by center Cole Smith, and lots of productive receivers, led by senior Connor Hill and sophomore Keyshawn Johnson Jr.

"We really like our team," Bob Johnson said.

Best of all for the Diablos is that they are no longer in the Pac-5 Division for the playoffs.



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