Mike Voelkel to return as Palisades baseball coach

Eric Sondheimer
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Palisades High baseball coach Mike Voelkel rescinds his resignation

Mike Voelkel will be returning as baseball coach at Palisades High.

Voelkel said on Friday that he had resigned over concerns he would have to reinstate a player whom he had removed from the team after a code of conduct violation.

Late Friday, the Palisades Board of Trustees issued a statement supporting  the coach’s right to enforce his conduct rules. The player was dropped from the team after admitting to a violation of the code of conduct, according to his father.

“After long deliberation and careful consideration, the board took no action in closed session,” the statement from the board said. “This has the effect of upholding the administration's decision supporting the applicable policy of the baseball team.”
The player's father said Saturday that his son is considering joining the team as a manager. Two people familiar with the matter said that in light of the statement by the board, Voelkel would rescind his resignation and return as coach. The board held a special meeting Friday afternoon and heard from more than 20 speakers who were mostly in support of Voelkel.

Voelkel declined to comment.



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