Ultimate Frisbee is ultimately about having fun

Another conversation, with a group of the boys, goes like this:

Me: "What makes a great player?"

First boy: "Good attitude."

Second boy: "Focus."

Third boy: "No, dude!"

Fourth boy: "No, no, no, it's hand-eye coordination!"

Second boy: "Yeah."

First boy: "And a good attitude."

Fifth boy: "You really need to be taller."

Not only is this my first game ever, this is also Inglewood's.

On the flip side, Silver Lake is much more experienced, and in the vital area of flinging the disc, which is most effectively flung using the tougher-to-master forehand flick, Silver Lake rules.

In fact, the Silver Lake kids win the first half easily, then trade one of their stars, Lukas Ambrose, to the Inglewood team in the second half.

Compared with most of the players, Lukas is a Frisbee virtuoso. He not only flings the disc far, but accurately. Kid could throw a Verizon bill through a mail slot from 50 yards.

And suddenly Inglewood is ahead.

No one cares, because this is a friendly exhibition, and veteran Silver Lake Coach Cliff Towne is like the cool parent in a Nickelodeon show, encouraging sportsmanship and sharing.


Yeah, I'm skeptical too.