NFL apologizes for tweet relating Chiefs' win to Mexico earthquake

The NFL has apologized for a tweet with three smiley emojis that compared the Kansas City Chief’s upset win over the New England Patriots to the earthquake that shook Mexico late Thursday.

The tweet came from the league’s NFL Mexico official Twitter account after the Chiefs defeated the Patriots, 42-27. The game had ended about half an hour before the earthquake.

The since-deleted tweet translated, “Of those times Mexico City shakes with an (hashtag) earthquake because it can’t believe the (at) Chiefs have won the (hashtag) Kickoff2017 game.”

The earthquake, which had a magnitude of 8.1, hit the southern coast of Mexico. At least 32 people are dead in what authorities said was one of the most powerful earthquakes in the country’s history.

The NFL issued an apology tweet on the same Twitter account.

It translates, “NFL Mexico apologizes for yesterday’s unacceptable tweet, which doesn’t represent the values of the league. We reiterate our solidarity with Mexico.”

The NFL has a rising popularity in Mexico. The Oakland Raiders are set to play a game in Mexico City for a second consecutive season, in November against the Patriots.

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