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Bay Area earthquake leaves Angels shaken and stirred

Angels players share their reactions to the Sunday morning earthquake that rocked the Bay Area

The 6.0-magnitude earthquake that shook the San Francisco Bay Area in the early morning hours Sunday was a first for many Angels.

"It woke me up, I'll tell you that," said Mike Trout, who grew up in New Jersey where quakes are rare.

The shaker, the strongest in the Bay Area since the deadly magnitude-6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake that interrupted the 1989 World Series, was centered six miles from Napa. By Sunday afternoon 120 people were reported injured, with at least six, including a child, said to be in critical condition.

Trout, whose room was on the 18th floor of the team's San Francisco hotel, said he thought the rocking was caused by heavy winds. But when he looked outside and saw the weather was still he knew what was happening.

"I felt it rocking for sure," he said. "I almost put some jeans on and ran to the lobby. Guess I experienced one."

Pitcher Matt Shoemaker said he slept through the quake; not so reliever Joe Smith.

"I didn't enjoy it," Smith said. "I thought it was a storm. I didn't know what was going on. I just wanted it to stop."

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