San Diego State's Dwayne Polee II collapses during game

Former Westchester High standout and current San Diego State forward Dwayne Polee collapses during game

San Diego State forward Dwayne Polee II collapsed on the court during San Diego State's game against UC Riverside on Monday night and was tended to by a paramedic for several minutes before being taken off on a gurney.

The crowd at Viejas Arena, hushed while Polee was down, gave Polee a standing ovation as he was lifted onto the gurney. Polee was conscious as he was wheeled off the court. His teammates came over and gave him fist-bumps. Polee pumped his fists toward the crowd.

SDSU officials didn't immediately know what happened. A spokesman said Polee was “completely responsive” as he was taken to a hospital.

Polee had missed a layup and teammate JJ O'Brien scored on a tip-in for a 14-8 lead with more than 11 minutes left. Polee collapsed face-first near the key.

Polee wasn't moving at first. He was rolled over onto his back and a paramedic hooked him up to an electrocardiogram machine.

Polee's father and mother came out of the stands to be near their son. His father, Dwayne Sr., is director of player development at the University of San Francisco.

Polee was the Los Angeles City Section player of the year at Westchester High in 2010.

The Aztecs went on to win, 61-33.

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