UCLA football: Brett Hundley For Heisman hype gets theatrical

UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley shows off his throwing skills in a video shot on campus

Evil doers beware?

UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley has taken a side job. A fictional one.

The Hundley For The Heisman hype was ratcheted up with the release of a video featuring him policing the UCLA campus . . . with footballs.

Hundley and former Bruins running back Luke Gane handle campus misdeeds the old-fashioned way, with Hundley firing footballs at offenders and Gane screaming at them as a follow-up.

Starsky and Hutch they're not. Amusing it is.

Heisman voters likely will be more impressed than Academy Award voters. Still, Hundley’s acting abilities are, um, passable.

Gane, though, seems to have found his calling.

A few years ago Gane played The Joker (the Heath Ledger version) with Jerry Neuheisel as his victim in a video for the team's freshman talent show.

So will UCLA run two PR campaigns?

Hundley For The Heisman.

Gane For The Oscar.

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